GOSSIP GIRL “The Princess and the Frog” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “The Princess and the Frog” Season 4 Episode 20 – What did you think of tonight’s episode? Or maybe a better question is – Chuck or Louis? A lot happened tonight, so let’s start talking about the characters.

Serena: Was Serena wrong to set up Blair? Although Blair would have done far worse to her, I still think Serena was wrong to treat Blair that way.

Chuck: I feel like we are heading for a repeat of the season 3 finale – with Chuck hitting rock bottom. Everybody is abandoning Chuck, what do you think will become of him now? Do you think he’s blown any shot he ever had with Blair (that cut on her cheek makes me think he has)?

Blair: This was a huge episode for Blair. I’ve always been a big fan of Chuck and Blair but I also really like Louis. I actually hope they will end up getting married, however, nothing ever plays out that simply in Gossip Girl. What do you think will happen?

Lily: This episode was light on Lily tonight. I was looking forward to seeing her under house arrest – maybe next time.

Rufus: I’m happy that Rufus is getting back into music. I hope he has success as a producer. I feel like he’s been Lily’s lapdog for a long time and it would be great to see him have some new success.

Nate: What do you think about Nate and Raina? I wonder what Raina has up her sleeve by calling Jack?

Dan: Dan is so dumb. He always is getting played by a girl. Georgina, Serena, Vanessa, and now Charlie. Why can’t he ever date a normal girl?

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed Season 4 of Gossip Girl and tonight’s episode was no exception. I can’t wait to see what happens to Chuck and Blair. We only have a couple episodes left in the season and I’m wondering what will be the big cliffhanger? Please leave me a comment and make your predictions!

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