DOCTOR WHO “Day of the Moon” Review

DOCTOR WHO Day of The Moon Season 6 Episode 2

DOCTOR WHO “Day of the Moon” Season 6, Episode 2 – The opening for this week’s Doctor Who was probably one of the more intense sequences I can remember in a long time. Three months after the events we saw in the previous episode, Canton is hunting down Amy, Rory and River while The Doctor is being held prisoner at Area 51. In a perfectly misleading Doctor Who twist, it’s revealed that it was all a coordinated plan to organize a revolution against The Silence who have been occupying Earth since the dawn of civilization.

Last week, the horror of The Silence was in their unexpected physical presence but this week, The Silence got into our heads by barely being seen at all. Amy, Rory and River’s attempts to remember the creatures they encountered by marking up their bodies was a very cool visual cue and after The Doctor installed the recording devices in their palms, the red flashing light became a terrifying signal that something scary happened that even we couldn’t remember. I nearly jumped out of my seat when Canton’s palm started flashing and he turned around to reveal one of the Silent lurking inside the Tardis behind him. It makes me wonder if it’s possible that a Silent could have been sitting inside the Tardis for a number of their previous adventures without anyone ever remembering.

The scenes with Canton and Amy in the rundown children’s home were really scary and reminded me a lot of one of my other favorite television shows, The X-Files. Amy, with her bright red hair and unusually bulky navy suit, partnered with Canton, an FBI agent, made me think of Scully and Mulder on one of their many alien investigations. The horror in the orphanage was really well done and although I’m not sure why Amy would put marks on her face instead of on her arms, I got the chills the moment she saw her reflection in the window and realized that she had been trapped in a room with grotesque looking aliens hanging from the ceiling.

The unique characteristic of The Silence, which causes any memory of their existence to be forgotten, allowed this episode to use historical events in some very believable ways. We’ve all seen the moon landing recordings countless times, and if you wanted to believe it, we could have also been listening to an order to kill on sight any Silent we’ve encountered without a single memory of it. The Doctor is lucky that Canton was able to have that Silent say exactly what they needed him to say, but once they had that recording, it was used brilliantly.

Once again, I loved the playful chemistry that is developing between The Doctor and River. Even though River remains one of the most mysterious characters in the story, I’m incredibly attached to her. I’m guessing that the more we see her from this point forward, the less she’ll know about The Doctor and I’m starting to feel the way she does about the day when they meet for his last time, and her first time. It broke my heart when she realized that the kiss she shared with The Doctor was his first kiss with her, and that for her, it probably meant that it would be her last kiss with him. I’m not sure that she’s completely correct in her assumption about their time lines, but I sympathize with her and her sadness over that possibility. On the bright side, we got to see The Doctor’s first kiss with her and he performed exactly like I would have expected – hilarious, cute and a complete dweeb.

I felt like this episode of Doctor Who did resolve some of my questions, but it left many questions unresolved and also started up a list of new questions. As far as issues resolved, it seems pretty clear that Amy loves Rory and that her relationship with The Doctor is definitely only one of a very special friendship. At the same time, The Doctor seems to be uncontrollably gravitating towards River.

We found out more about The Silence and how it might be possible to defeat them, but we’re still left with questions about The Doctor’s death and we still don’t know who did it or why. We’re also still unsure about Amy being pregnant. Among my new questions, what was the deal with the metal eye patch lady in the girl’s room? She said “I think she’s just dreaming” but she was gone as soon as she was introduced. Why were The Silence interested in Amy and what were they doing with her for the days she can’t remember? Who is the girl who escaped the space suit, is she really a Time Lord and does she have any relation to The Doctor?

I look forward to having all these questions answered over the course of this season of Doctor Who and I’d love to hear all of your theories too.