BLUE BLOODS “All That Glitters” Review

BLUE BLOODS (CBS) All That Glitters

BLUE BLOODS “All That Glitters” Episode 20 – In this episode an innocent tourist is gunned down outside of a nice restaurant and the press wants to have a field day with it. They try glorifying the whole thing and turning it into something about race and class. Once again, Frank shows amazing dignity and honor as he takes on the terrible situation. While the press tries their darndest to put their own slant on what happened, he refuses to become a part of it and instead reminds people that any crime is tragic, not just the ones that happen to upper middle class visitors to the city.

Erin and Jamie have a bit of sibling rivalry going on after evidence points to a Haitian immigrant who witnesses place near the crime scene. Danny thinks that it’s a case of wrong place, wrong time and wants to keep looking. Erin, who is busy blaming herself for a man who murdered someone after she couldn’t convict him of a previous crime, thinks that they’ve got their man and wants to start working on a conviction.

Cooler heads prevail after Frank decides to step in and referee. I loved that he got Erin and Danny alone in the kitchen so that he could let them both have their say, and the reined them in by pointing out that both of their opinions could be flawed. They finally see each other’s point of view then and go back to work without any malice. In the end the murder turned out to be about jealousy and money after all and Danny ensured that an innocent man wasn’t wrongly convicted.

My favorite bits..

I agree with Danny. It was a bit odd that everyone in the restaurant barely seemed to notice the fact that there were gunshots right outside. That’s something that would have definitely gotten MY attention.

Really liking what Renzulli said about the homeless guy. Just being a human should warrant not being ignored by the side of the road.

This great line from Renzulli: “Hitting at a doctor over a body? You also flirt at funerals?”

Frank pointing out that he hates when people say “you know what I mean” and “I’m only doing my job.”

Danny bouncing his head up and down while he was talking to the waitresses’ dancing boyfriend.

Frank doing a bang-up job at keeping the reporters from taking control of the press conference. I love that he brought up all the other murders that happened that night and how ALL of them were unacceptable.

Being impressed at the fact that Danny kept that snazzy little hat on during that entire foot chase.

Pierre’s story of being trapped for days after the earthquake.

Danny going with his gut and not believing that Pierre was the murderer. I am so with him on this one.

“Lure people here with fancy restaurants, while armed murderers roam the streets.” – Wow, really? I just can’t imagine blaming an entire city and an entire police force for a murder.

Danny pointing out to his boys that you can’t tell if a person is bad just by looking at them and that sometimes the people they walk past the cameras are scared themselves.

Frank telling Jamie and Erin that trying to put the two of them into the same room when they were kids went over so badly that they had to look for a bigger house. LOL.

The way Danny told the wife that he hated it when people did bad things in his city.

Danny coming to Erin, not to gloat (which would make him a lousy brother), but to take her out to dinner with his family. It was very sweet, but I giggled when he couldn’t resist pointing out that he did kick her ass.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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