BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Night of the Batmen!” Review

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD "Night of the Batmen"

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Night of the Batmen!” Season 3 Episode 6 – Holy clones, Batman! What happens when Gotham City loses its Caped Crusader … to injury?

“Night of the Batmen!” gave us the answer: bad things happen. Really bad things. Bad things compounded by other bad things made worse by the bad jokes being told whilst these bad things occurred.

But I’m getting away from myself. As usual, Batman: The Brave and the Bold began crazily. I have personally gotten used to the completely inane starts, but not everyone sharing a roof with me has; put it this way, it says something when my wife makes a beeline up the stairs and as far away from the television as humanly possible as soon as a particular show comes on (The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives … and this). And this is a woman who loved Justice League.

But I take Batman: TTATB for what it is, which is a skewed vision of how things will … hopefully … never be. In the Batman universe.

Shocked by an appearance by Vigilante? Shouldn’t have been. Stunned by his pitch-perfect (Scotty McCreery could take some lessons) sing-and-strum of “Gray And Blue?” More the fool are you.

“Rendering the verdicts with Batman-covered fists” indeed. A momentous song.

But it wasn’t until the episode actually started that the real comedy came. Batman gets put in traction when a bomb—one that was designed to blow up the world, mind you—blew up before he could escape its effects. And hey, that’s funny. It might even be funnier to mention that Captain Marvel (Shazam!) was within shouting distance when Batman decided to make the solo trip up into space in order to get the earth out of harm’s way. I’m going to hazard a guess that having powers just south of Superman might have made Marvel the most qualified for this job. That and the fact the, you know, he probably wouldn’t have ended up in tractions.

So sorry, Bats. This one was on you. Bad call, bro.

Of course everyone stepped up to be Batman. Everyone wants to be the Batman. Are you kidding me? Chicks dig Batman. Wonder Woman digs Batman. Catwoman, a hardened criminal, wants that dude like nothing else. He’s like catnip to her.

So the comedy was all these people trying to be Batman. The dude who came closest to acyually being Batman was Green Arrow—another guy with no powers whatsoever. And of course the Joker showed up at the end and basically pwnd them. Batman, still in traction, had to somehow hop out of the hospital in his body cast and lay waste.

Was there any doubt it would happen?

Speaking of comedy, who better to be comedic than Plastic Man? Those shorts…

I owned a pair of shorts like those. When I was eight. In 1975.

“Bat Elvis” was a nice description of the Captain Marvel version—the same Captain Marvel who basically got his ass handed to him by the Joker, so maybe I was too hasty in volunteering him to fly that bomb out of the atmosphere. That Boy Scout is kind of useless.

This show kills me. And it eats just a little bit of my soul every time I watch it.

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  • dcfan

    XDD Well, that’s Batman the Brave and the Bold for ya.

  • you realize the batman universe was like this a long tim ago right? I’ve enjoyed this show and am sad that it is ending this season