HAPPY ENDINGS “Like Father, Like Gun” Review

HAPPY ENDINGS Like Father, Like Gun

HAPPY ENDINGS “Like Father, Like Gun” Episode 5 – Brad gets a visit from his dad (played by Daman Wayans Jr’s real dad, Daman Wayans). The senior Wayans plays a character I’ve never seen him do before, uptight and nearly silent. But as soon as he realizes that he’s not dying, the Wayans we’ve all come to know and love makes an appearance…..and in an orange track suit, no less. It takes a while but Brad even gets him to say he loves him.

Meanwhile Penny and Alex go out and try to meet normal men. They do this by creating a drinking game that gets them both drunk and Penny realizes that, when she’s completely smashed, she can speak Italian. She meets an amazing Italian man but problems arise when she can only understand him when she’s half in the bag.

Overall another funny episode and I got a kick out of seeing both of the Damans on screen together.

My favorite bits……

Everyone finding out (and me, too) what “pexting” was. Ewwwww.

Kinda being disappointed that everyone figured out a way to bleep out what Jane calls intercourse.

Max telling Dave that he was like his mom, only hotter.

The boys deciding it was too much trouble to walk three feet to pick up their bullet.

I’m with the girls, who DOES send over ribs?

The girls getting completely smashed after making up their little drinking game. Oh man, I’d be afraid to try that one.

The guys dressing Brad up as a target and making him put on the hat.

Brad’s attempt to get close to his dad nearly killing him. Oops.

Wow, Penny really can speak some serious Italian.

Jane and Alex deciding to drink until Penny could understand Italian again.

Brad complaining that his dad was dropping “L-Bombs” all over the place.

Totally thinking that Brad’s day with his dad would turn out to be a fake dream sequence. I kept waiting for him to wake up and get to the real day.

Max’s little dance in front of kimono guy’s window.

Dave’s amazing shot…..causing a fire. Oops again.

You know, I think Penny’s speech to her Italian lover would have gone over a little better had she not stopped to barf in the middle of it.

Max talking up the cute firemen.

What did you think of this episode of Happy Endings? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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