BODY OF PROOF “Society Hill” Review

BODY OF PROOF (ABC) Society Hill

BODY OF PROOF “Society Hill” Season 1 Episode 6 – So far this season, Hunt has had to do a lot of confronting of her past. In this episode, she’s faced with it once again when a woman is found floating in a pool in Hunt’s old stomping grounds. The case not only brings her back to the world that she had to leave behind, it also brings her face to face with her mother again.

Yes, it turns out that Hunt actually does have a mom. Not that I didn’t think she had a mother, but I didn’t necessarily think we’d meet her on the show so soon. Their relationship is complicated to say the least, but by getting to meet her mother, we do have a chance to understand Hunt even more, by getting a glimpse into what her life was like before her accident.

At one point, Joan accuses her daughter of not having any friends and though Hunt defends herself by saying that it was because they all left her when she needed them most, I couldn’t help but to think that she actually does have friends now. Peter asking her to join him and the rest of the team for drinks after work just proves that. Even though she said no this time, I have a feeling she may not next time. It looks like Hunt is slowly regaining all that she lost before and in my opinion she’s getting a better deal this time around. From what I saw of her life before, I think she’s better off with people like Peter, Bud, Curtis and Ethan.

My favorite bits..

Hunt pointing out that death was always difficult, no matter who was involved.

Peter telling Bud “thanks for playing” after he completely blew his estimate on the time of death.

Curtis talking to the maggots.

Hunt telling the assistant that Daphne might be a LOT longer than he thought in her meeting.

Hunt being able to diagnose an entire room of people just by watching them through a window.

Peter opening his mouth and inserting his foot into it. Nice recovery though, by turning “b-i-t..” into something else entirely.

Hunt pulling the magazine away from Peter.

Ethan asking Curtis to try and NOT enjoy feeding his maggots so much.

Curtis telling the maggots to be quiet and singing to them. That man needs some friends.

Bud and Hunt bonding over being divorced.

Peter in a tux.whoa. Oh and Megan looked great in her dress, too.

Hunt: “Relax. Act like you own the place.” Peter: “I don’t even own this tux.”

Hunt getting herself introduced to Collin then managing to pull out a chunk of his hair and accusing him of murder. That girl knows how to party.

Hunt pointing out to her mother that the reason she didn’t know what it was like to have friends, was because they all abandoned her after she lost her career.

Bud asking Hunt to make sure that when she told the suspect about what was wrong with the victim, it would actually make sense.

Bud giving Peter a “WTF?” look through the window/mirror in the interrogation room after Hunt came in and surprised him.

The fact that they showed Bud going to the jail and letting the other suspect out after they found the murderer. Seems like we never get to see the innocent person let go, once we’ve gotten the old switcheroo and found out someone else was actually the killer.

All the boys going out together and declaring it a “Boy’s Night”. That was awesome. I love it when they show the team bonding like that.

Hunt and her mom reconciling over dinner.

What did you think of this episode of Body of Proof? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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