RAISING HOPE “Sleep Training” Review

RAISING HOPE (FOX) "Sleep Training"

RAISING HOPE “Sleep Training” Season 1 Episode 19 – It’s time to deal with your own crisis as Burt takes Hope’s sleeping habits into his own hands and Jimmy tries to prove he’s not uptight in the “Sleep Training” episode of RAISING HOPE.

Sleep training, huh? It seems that babies really should come already sleep trained (no way would I be able to listen to the whimpers), but Hope crying all night is a good callback to the pilot complete with everyone ending up on the porch in the morning. Plus, Burt gets some glory (“It’s blowing everyone’s mind that you bought a book.”) and Hope adds twenty new expressions to her repertoire. That baby gets cuter by the week.

After last episode’s foray in douchedom, Jimmy, who is “not not messed up,” is back to his too-nice, too uptight self. How awesome is it that he thinks “I dated a serial killer” is a positive? I also love the montage of his alleged wussiness, complete with Chinese finger trap (I haven’t seen one of those in years). Not for nothing, but I sometimes feel like yelling for help when people show up at my door to talk about hell. While the hallucination in Howdy’s Market is a touch too long, it’s also ridiculously funny and Jimmy’s phone call to Virginia is priceless. “He said he drank some weird tea and is now tripping his nads off.” The Dog Head man is just cheesy enough to make me giggle and remind me of some of my own childhood fears.

There are fun Maw Maw bits tonight with a nice juxtaposition of her calling Montgomery Ward and trying to take out Hope’s batteries and then being a 7 or 8 (maybe a 6) on the lucidity scale. We don’t get many attempted heart-to-hearts between Virginia and Maw Maw, so the car scene is a treat and Martha Plimpton, as always has some of the best reaction shots around.

When Raising Hope began, it was necessarily focused strictly on the family and Sabrina, so it’s fascinating to see how other characters have been woven in. Barney feels like an essential-albeit strange– piece of the show now. “I guess I’m going to have to bite my own lip.” “I’ll bite your lip.” I was wrong last week-Frank can and does get creepier, but he also gets funnier and Rosa is a great addition. Zoe seems to be trying too hard to be wacky, so if she and Jimmy really are done, that’s fine by me.

This is one the trippiest, raciest Raising Hopes yet what with the Incan tea and Zoe waving her woo-hoo around. It’s a fun, silly episode that still manages to pull a heart string or two and every character has a chance to shine. Georgia O’Queef is still making me giggle and I suddenly have the urge to drink tea and watch The Wizard of Oz while playing ‘The Dark Side of the Moon.’ Go figure.

Favorite lines:

“Apparently it’s nearly impossible to start a fight club without actually talking about fight club.”

“Nothing motivates you to get out of bed like seeing your twelve year old son’s morning wood.”

“The Chinese dont even give their kids a pillow. They throw them a violin and tell them, ‘Learn it by morning, donkey!'”

“Jimmy, you look so freaked out, like a deer caught in his girlfriend’s headlights.”

“If you’re not uptight, why did you draw a bikini on your naked girlfriend?”

“I bet you that Jeffery Dahmer was locked in a crib. And the BLT Killer! And Tyra Banks!”

“I’m a maid. I have no surplus glory to share.”

“I’m going to start reading more book covers.”

What did you think of “Sleep Training?” Any favorite moments I missed? Let me know in the comments.

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