GLEE “Born This Way” Review

GLEE “Born This Way” Season 2 Episode 18 – Gleeks tuning in to Glee tonight were rewarded with a supersized 90-minute episode inspired by the Lady Gaga anthem “Born This Way.” Mr. Schue used the “Queen of Self Love” herself to teach the New Directions about embracing their own unique qualities, which Santana was more than happy to point out to everyone. Is there a more perfect song about self-acceptance than “Born This Way?”

For me, tonight’s episode was all about Santana. “The only straight I am is a straight-up bitch” has to be the best Santana line ever. Yeah, she’s mean and manipulative, but the difference between last season and now is that now she’s motivated by her love for Brittany–so that’s progress. I really expected her to come on stage in her Lebanese shirt, but unfortunately she stayed in the audience with Karofsky. At least she was wearing the shirt.

Who would have guessed Santana would be responsible for getting Kurt back to McKinley? I’m so glad that he and his crazy outfits are back, but I hope we still get to see plenty of Blaine. I’m a little worried, though, because, like Burt, I don’t trust Karofsky. Hopefully starting a chapter of PFLAG with Kurt will help him truly change.

Kurt got back to McKinley just in time to stop Rachel from getting a nose job. And he knew just how to do it too—a mall flash mob to “Barbra Streisand.” Rachel also got some encouragement from Finn, who told her, “You’re beautiful.” Quinn, who was continuing her campaign to become prom queen, didn’t seem too happy about this. Well, now that we know she used to be an overweight kid nicknamed “Lucy Caboosey,” it explains (even more) why she doesn’t want to lose Finn to Rachel.

Keeping with tonight’s theme, Emma finally sought some help for her OCD thanks to a big push from Will (she is also plagued by being a ginger, which according to recent legend means she has no soul). His tough love was necessary since she and Will probably won’t have a relationship until she works on some of her anxiety issues. I’m rooting for the two them!

FOX was billing this as the Lady Gaga episode, which was a wee bit of an exaggeration since there was only one Gaga song. But the episode was definitely inspired by her, and, as we learned last season, Gaga + Glee is a winning combination. I absolutely loved New Direction’s performance of “Born This Way,” especially the t-shirts everyone was wearing. I think “Likes Boys,” “Lebanese,” and “Can’t Sing” were my favorites. Which t-shirt did you like best?

Other performances tonight included:
“Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” mashup – I thought this was a beautiful performance by Rachel and Quinn
“I’ve Gotta Be Me” – Finn’s spastic dancing is more obvious when he’s paired with Mike Chang
“Somewhere Only We Know” – This performance was bittersweet and I hope it’s not the last we see of The Warblers
“As if We Never Said Goodbye” – It’s so great to have Kurt back and hear him sing solo

So what did you think of this extended episode of Glee? Did it need to be 90-minutes? Are you buying Quinn’s new backstory? Let me know in the comments!

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