8 Best “Bromances” on TV today

8 Best Bromances

You may have read the title and be asking your self – what is a bromance? Well according to the Urban Dictionary, a bromance is defined as “complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.”

Bromances give us the drama and angst of a romance without the pesky annoyance of, well, a romance. The guys may bicker and fight, or hug and declare their love for one another (though the latter is usually done silently rather than in actual words), but at the end of the day they are always friends.

Bromances can be funny – seriously, is there anything funnier than two grown (and straight) men having arguments that you would normally hear from married people? But they can also bring on the heartbreak like nobody’s business.

And with that, here they are – the 8 best bromances on TV today.

Sam and Dean on Supernatural

These two boys put the “bro” in bromance. Willing to literally die for each other, Sam and Dean have shown what it’s like when two brothers love each other so much that they will sacrifice anything to save the other.

Steve and Danny on Hawaii Five-0

Seems like every episode the writers of this show give us a heart-to-heart chat between these two that usually occurs while they are chasing down a suspect at high speeds. Steve and Danny know exactly which buttons to push on each other but they’ve also shown how much they care for each other, too.

Peter and Neal on White Collar

White Collar "In The Red"

In the first episode I saw of this show, Neal revealed (in a drugged stupor) that Peter was the only person in the world that he trusted. That was the moment when I realized that this was a show for me. Peter and Neal are an example of opposites that attract – one a criminal and one an FBI agent – and yet they have also found how their unique talents and skills complement each other.

Gibbs and Tony on NCIS

NCIS (CBS) Dead Reflection

Gibbs and Tony have been a team on NCIS longer than we even know, since they had already been working together for two years when we were introduced to them. Theirs is a subtle bromance. They have an innate knowledge about what the other needs and wants, and both are experts at communicating things without saying too much. They may seem like opposites – Tony chatty and loud, Gibbs quiet and stoic – but underneath I think they are two sides of the same coin.

Sam and Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: LOS ANGELES "Rocket Man" Season 2 Episode 21

Sam and Callen are another pair that act like an old married couple, down to Sam complaining that Callen doesn’t eat right and Callen ordering Sam to get some sleep after a particularly hard case. Partners for so long that they have developed their own language, we get the impression that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other and perhaps nothing that they haven’t already done.

Aidan and Josh on Being Human


When I first thought about this article, I didn’t even have Aidan and Josh in mind for it. That was up until I saw the finale last week and realized that, though many of episodes distracted from it with pregnant girlfriends and vengeful vampire dads, ultimately the story was about those two. If anyone doubts that they are a true bromance, just watch the scene in the finale where an exhausted Josh refuses to leave injured Aidan’s side, holding his hand while vowing to protect him.

Ryan and Esposito on Castle

CASTLE (CBS) The Final Nail

While admittedly not the top-billers on the show, Ryan and Esposito still manage to steal every scene that they are in and their popularity is growing. Great at cracking us up with their banter and bumbling keystone cops routine, they have also shown strength when it is needed.

Raylan and Boyd on Justified

Raylan and Boyd share what I like to think of as a unique bromance – unique in that they basically hate each other. Above, I used the first definition of a bromance to describe the rest of my list, but the second defines it also as “a non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close.” Raylan and Boyd certainly fit that bill. They have known each other since they were children, have always been on opposite sides of the law, and yet there is always something bringing them together (mutual enemies shooting at them, the affection of a certain woman, etc).


Once again I have to stop myself before going on because I could probably continue with this list all day. I mean I didn’t even get a chance to talk about Shawn and Gus from Psych, which is a travesty unto itself. Maybe I’ll have to do a sequel someday.

After doing this article I learned that there are a LOT of bromances on TV today. Now I’m curious which ones you guys would put on your list, so sound off in the comments and let me know what you picks are.

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