THE KILLING “Super 8” Review

THE KILLING (AMC) Super 8 Episode 5

THE KILLING “Super 8” Season 1 Episode 5 – The discovery of letters sent by teacher Bennet to Rosie Larsen prompts Linden and Holder to question him. The information he gives them seems prosaic enough, but further investigation reveals clues that Bennet could just be their man.

Meanwhile, Wright finds out from Mayor Adams that the Richmond campaign leak could very well have been engineered by councilwoman Yitanes. He points out that Gwen used to work for Yitanes, but Richmond prompts him to look into it further. The leak is discovered, Gwen is aghast at having been suspected and Wright wants his job back on the Richmond campaign.

The Larsen’s are still having a rough time. Mitch is despondant and Stan is finally becoming emotional enough to consider violence. Stan’s coworker, Belko, has a friend in the school who can reveal the identity of the polices murder suspect. Will Bennet be brought in for questioning before Stan and Belko get to him?

This was a great episode. The Killing has a vast array of shady looking characters, but it was the mild-mannered Bennet that stole the show this week. He’s the most likely suspect so far – but he’s also the least likely seeming.

Someone who is incredibly shady right now is Belko. The idea of him wanting revenge for the death of his friend’s daughter is understandable. But what was he doing in Tommy’s room? If he really was just helping out with the bed-linen, that’s sweet. It just seems entirely random that he would be there, doing that, and even Tommy’s reaction was negative.

We got some more info on the other characters too.

Gwen’s choice of director for the TV spots was originally a man she had slept with – was this pre-Richmond or has she been cheating on him?

Linden sees Holder being given an envelope full of cash, money he claims is from gambling. He later says that he is six months celibate. In the closing moments of the episode, we see Holder putting the envelope into the mailbox of a house where a woman and two kids live. Are they his estranged family?

Linden and Rick’s relationship is circling around as it has for the last five episodes. After his visit last episode, Rick heads back to Sonoma. Before he goes, he tells Linden that he’ll cancel their celebratory barbeque that weekend because he knows her, knows she can’t leave the case. In a bid to prove that she can and will be there, Linden books plane tickets yet again. How many times will she fail to arrive in Sonoma before Rick realises it just may not happen? Will they last the next eight episodes at least?

And most importantly: is Bennet the killer? If not, who will be our prime suspect next week?

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