MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Hungary Heart” Review

Make It or Break It (ABC Family) - Hungary Heart Season 2 Episode 15

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT ” Hungary Heart” Season 2 Episode 15 – Watching the “entire” world gymnastics competition play out made for a slow episode of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. While uneventful, “Hungary Heart” has several big revelations that should make future episodes more exciting. Revelation 1: Sasha comes out of hiding. Revelation 2: The Rock has a lot of work to do. Revelation 3: Kaylie’s problems are not caused by gymnastics. Revelation 4: Emily is what?! Keep reading.

That’s Coach Conrad to you!

Off to Hungary to prove that The Rock girls are worthy of the world team, plus a side trip to Romania to beg Sasha to return as coach. Great to see Neil Jackson as Sasha again. He always gives an understated performance, which is often in contrast to the hormonal teenage outbursts of the girls and the high-strung protectiveness of the parents.

Found working as a bartender and accused of being a quitter, Sasha shows up to coach the girls and gives Payson, Emily, and Lauren a boost in confidence, asking them to re-dedicate themselves to gymnastics and winning. Too little, too late; the U.S. places second. Darby challenges Sasha’s coaching abilities, but he squashes her taunting comments. Is Sasha back?

Kelly Parker joins The Rock in Budapest at the NGO’s request. The NGO questions Kaylie’s (and the others’) preparedness. Kelly replaces Emily in competition. Boo (but understandable)!

Ivanka on the Romanian team is severe in looks and demeanor!

Kaylie admits to her therapist that she has a problem but doesn’t want to die. Good for her. She starts a journal, trying to answer why she stopped eating. Conclusion? Gymnastics is dangerous; and distractions have consequences. Her problems are due to who she is, not what she has or hasn’t achieved. “I’m Kaylie, just Kaylie. Whoever I am, I deserve to be happy.” I really liked how the Kaylie/anorexia story line was handled tonight. While obviously an abridged version of the road to recovery, I think the show does a good job tonight of showing the thought process that Kaylie goes through to realize the root of her problems with anorexia.

Emily and Damon break up. How many times does that make? What is the real reason that Emily keeps pushing Damon away? Like Kaylie, it probably isn’t really about gymnastics. Damon decides he has to let go (again).

The overhead shot of the Chairman of the Hungarian National Committee waiting for Emily was a bit over the top. That whole scene was rather too dramatic for my taste.

Disturbing, indeed! Emily is pregnant!! That was sudden. I knew it was coming, but didn’t think that the pregnancy would be revealed this way.

Were you taken by surprise? What did you think about episode 15 “Hungary Heart” of Make It or Break It? Comment below.