MAD LOVE “The Young And The Reckless” Review

MAD LOVE (CBS) The Young and the Reckless

MAD LOVE “The Young And The Reckless” Season 1 Episode 10 – Ben and Kate decide to be a fun and exciting couple and start doing things they would never in a million years. They both want to be the spontaneous one, but the trouble is that neither of them are spontaneous at all. At first things seem fine and dandy until Kate throws up (twice), Ben loses his pants and they both get into a fight. But after Kate realizes some of the fault may be hers and Ben decides to run with the spontaneity thing for a little while longer, all is well again.

Meanwhile Connie is trying to get a children’s book published and is none too happy when Larry tags along for the ride. Her annoyance doesn’t last long though when the meeting isn’t going well and inspiration hits in the form of a brand new villain that sounds an awful lot like Larry. Hmmm…now I wonder what that could mean?

My favorite bits…

Finding out that you can’t eat three hotdogs before going on a ride called the Scrambler. Who’da thunk it?

Ben trying to turn the acronym for Manhattan Attorney’s Association into a word and only succeeding baa-ing like a sheep.

Larry getting Ben to admit that the word “duty” is still funny.

Giggling myself at “bono.” Oh boy, I think Larry is a bad influence on me now, because I was actually giggling before he even mentioned the pro-boner joke.

Connie warning the baby to hide his Cheerios from Larry. Har.

Larry pointing out how hilarious it was for Connie to be writing a children’s book since she was so unpleasant.

Larry describing himself as being “on fire”, as Connie was describing him as “revolting.”

Larry bringing his own suit for Ben to wear.

Larry: “You think dancing is presumptuous.” Ben: “It just feels rude of me.”

The way they kept pausing on Connie when Larry started telling his story.

Ben trying to hop up and dry his crotch with the air dryer.

Ben vowing to try and fly by the seat of his enormous Larry pants.

Yeah I’m with Connie, Kate should have made a little more effort to get Ben back to his speech on time.

Nobody knows what a griffin is? So not true. Not only do I know what a griffin is, I happen to know someone named Griffin. So there!

Connie’s description of her villain sounds really familiar……or is that just me?

Connie’s response to Kate’s suggestion that maybe Larry went along to the publisher for a different reason than she thought.

Larry getting a giggle out of Ben by saying “duty” again. Teehee.

Connie struggling to say “thank you” to Larry.

What did you think of this episode of Mad Love? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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