GOSSIP GIRL “Pretty in Pink” Review

Gossip Girl "Petty in Pink"

GOSSIP GIRL “Pretty in Pink” Season 4 Episode 19 – I am pretty sure that last week when Dan told Blair her prince was still out there, he had no idea that a Prince had literally just arrived and was looking for Blair. I am also pretty sure he never anticipated having to pretend to be in a relationship with Blair when he actually wants to be in a relationship with Blair. That, my friends, is the very essence of GOSSIP GIRL, isn’t it? I am filling in for the lovely Amie this week, so let’s get started, shall we?

Despite the many schemes involved in tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, it was a good one. I think much of that has to do with the cast’s latest addition, cousin Charlie. Can I tell you I love her? I know she probably has a deep dark secret, but on the surface, she is fresh, honest and wise. Who knows how the writers will tarnish her, but for now, she is a welcome additon.

Let’s break the episode down by character, shall we?

Blair – Indeed her Prince arrived, but unfortunately with restrictions and limitations as it seems his royal family is not to fond of a Plair relationship. Blair knows better than to conduct a fake relationship scheme in order to throw his family off their tracks. Hasn’t that been done, and unsuccessfuly, many times before? Thanks to cousin Charlie, everyone thinks it is real including Serena. I think Blair is deceiving herself with the Prince. She really wants Chuck who is not ready for her. She is drawn into the royal lifestyle. However, she is best and herself when she is with Dan. Can’t we give them a chance?

Serena – Serena has been annoying me the last season and tonight was no exception. Why is she always thinking Blair is doing something behind her back? Why does she even care if Blair and Dan are dating? Frankly, it is none of her business. Can the writers give her something else to do? I will say that I loved the team of Charlie and Serena. However, I think Serena will ultimately do Charlie more damage than anything.

Vanessa – She just cannot catch a break. By consistently trying to get in everyone’s good graces, she manages to isolate everyone even more. Why is she still on the show at this point?

Lily – No prison for Lily although I am sure she would disagree. House arrest to a socialite is similar to prison. Even worse when all of your friends not only abandon you but actually relish in your demise. As hard as it was for Lily to face, I think she will be stronger for it. Maybe she can make some better friends.

Dan – Poor Dan. At this point, he likes Blair so much, he will do anything for her. How hard must it have been for him to hear that she regretted their kiss or that it meant nothing when clearly it meant a lot? I hope they do not push him into a rebound with Charlie. I would much rather have Charlie take Vanessa’s place as Dan’s friend.

Chuck – Yet again he manages to lose Blair. I am not sure those two will ever have their timing right. However, I think it was noble of him to try to deter Raina from looking for her mother so that she is not further hurt. How painful must it be to him to know that his father was probably responsible for her death? I, like Chuck, wish Raina would find her mother alive and well.

Only two more episodes left this season. Boy, does time fly by when drama is at an all time high. What do you think will happen before the finale? Will Blair’s Prince stick around or will she be once again crying in Dan’s arms? Will we find out why Charlie left school and why her mother was so nervous to leave her behind? Share your thoughts about this episode of Gossip Girl in the comment section below.

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