5 TV Characters I Wish I Was Related To

We all have characters on television that we wish we could marry, or that we wish we were best friends with…but what about those characters who we wish we were actually related to? The ones we watch on our screens and think “I’d really like to be this person’s sister/mother/aunt/cousin…”

You get the picture. Below, you’ll find a list of 5 television characters that I definitely wouldn’t mind saying I share genes with.


To me, Kaylee was the ultimate person you would want as a sister. Or an aunt. Or a cousin. A girl mechanic with a bubbly, shiny attitude, Kaylee was pretty much the best of both words. She was a tomboy, but she also had a fun and girlish personality that allowed her to fit in with practically anyone she came across.

Out of everyone on the Serenity crew, Kaylee was the one I always took more of a liking to than anyone else. I wanted her to teach me how to fix a spaceship and I wanted her to cheer me up when I was down. Plus, since we’re both not so good when it comes to defending ourselves in combat, I like to think that we could spend time bonding and fixing things while everyone else is off fighting.


I always joke that I want to be a Walker just because it would fit in well with my love of wine. Television has given us its fair share of mothers we would love to have in our lives, but Nora really is one of the best to come out of a family drama. She’s caring. She’s compassionate. She lets everyone into her house, even if they’ve hurt her or her family, because she likes to give people a chance and believes in the best in everyone.

And she knows how to have fun! She helps out with her family’s crazy schemes, and while she’s hard on people when she needs to make a point, she’s the type of mother who you just want around you when things go bad or when you need to smile. You know you could go to her for anything, and she would ultimately support you in whatever you wanted or needed in life.


Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t really be good to be related to Buffy, as it seems family members are often the first people to go when things become a life or death situation. But I dare you to have watched the series and not wished at least once that you were related to the most bad-ass vampire slayer on this side of Sunnydale.

Buffy is the perfect combination of someone who can save the world but who can also have fun and be a normal human being – who wouldn’t want someone like that in their life? She knows how to let loose when she needs to, and she cares about her family, significant others and the people who are close to her. And while I might not feel entirely safe being related to her, I know at least she would do everything in her power to save me or protect me if anything happened.


Is it wrong that I want to be related to Olivia just because (among other things) we could go hang out in a bar and drink whiskey and talk about things we have in common? I mean, the girl is pretty awesome. She’s an FBI agent, who also has a photographic memory and who can kick some serious butt if needed. She’s not only resourceful, but she can get herself out of any situation and to top it off, she’s witty, playful and down-to-earth.

Olivia someone who would go to the ends of the earth to protect you, and I would love to just be able to sit around after work with her, learning about Fringe cases or and sharing stories about life.


I love living in New York City, but let’s face it – my life is far from glamorous. Which is why being related to Carrie Bradshaw would be pretty damn cool. Since we have similar interests and tastes (down to the fact we’re both writers), it would be easy to spend a day together shopping on 5th Avenue, buying a pair of fancy shoes, having brunch at the trendiest spot in the West Village and then having drinks at an expensive hotel (who knows, maybe we’d even pick up a guy along the way.)

Carrie probably wouldn’t make a very good mom, considering her track record with taking care of people and her extravagant, single lifestyle. But she would most certainly be an awesome sister or aunt, and I’ve spent more than a few re-watches of my favorite Sex and the City episodes thinking about how I wouldn’t mind having her in my life in some way.


Your turn! What are some characters that you wish you were related to?

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