BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Shadow of the Bat” Review


BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD “Shadow of the Bat” Season 3 Episode 5 – So there I was, notes in hand, all ready to come hard at the show for its most egregious DC continuity conundrum yet: the fact that Batman: The Brave and the Bold played loose with their own vampire creation canon, allowing that a single bite from a vampire (Dala DuBois in this case) will turns a victim—

Well I had three things stopping this rant.

1. There is no real DC “canon” as to how vampires turn their victims. Earth-1, Earth-2, they all have had conflicting tales in the past, even within their own mythos. There’ve been single-bite turns, triple-bite turns, triple-bite-drink-my-blood turns (I’m still waiting for a triple-bite turn ending with a triple-flip, double Salchow) …

2. Most of what happened turned out to be a dream. Well, a hallucination. Dala has toxins, you see. Ol’ Bats made the whole thing up in his mind after she chomped him.

3. Who the BLEEP cares?! I’m probably the only nerd alive who watched most of the episode with the deadly intent of scouring the internets immediately after for DC mythos that pertained to vampirism. Who else even lets this crap bother them?

End nerdrage.

So that said it was a good episode. Better than the last few. I mean, you have to laugh at some of the crap they drudge up for these cold openings. Batman’s Greatest Cases Featuring The Jungle Batman? Bat Ape? (“A loyal partner in the fight against jungle-based crime.”) As ever I’m conflicted, half torn between “What are these writers (J.M. Dematteis) and these directors (Michael Goguen) smoking?” and “… This is awesome.”

I liked the fact that the rainforest versions of Batman and Robin were drawn almost exactly like the animated opening of the 1960’s Batman television series. In fact I think they ripped the profiles straight from my television set. (Yes, I used to watch that show. I was a kid once!) So there’s homage here.

Again, I’m just not sure this is stuff that’s worthy of homage. I mean, I guess it is. For a laugh.

I liked the appearance of The Demon Etrigan. They even had him rhyming, which is one far-cry of an improvement from the last time I saw an appearance of him. (I can’t remember if it was a comic or a show—I just remember it was bad.)

The JLA (minor league version) was cool to see again. And it had to be the minor league version too. Superman, Wonder Woman, even Green Lantern would have mopped the floor with Vampire Batman. But Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Fire, and Icemaiden? That’s practically Justice League of Substitute Heroes. The animation was almost JLA-good. The fight scenes were dynamic (and really, what other reason is there to watch this?) and it got me kind of hankering for the old days with the really good JLA cartoons.

Oh well.

Booster Gold was actually funnier than Blue Beetle, which shouldn’t happen, but I liked it: “After seeing how he (Batman) dresses up his dog, nothing phases me with this guy.”

And: “I got places to go. Underwear to sell.”

Fire took exception when Ice said about Aquaman, “That hunk of global warming to my heart’s polar icecaps.”

Fire: “Tora, he’s married!”

Ice: “To his job, I know.”

(Also true, Tora. Also true.)

(Fire should just hope that Ice’s notoriously bisexual eyes don’t wander to Mera, Aquaman’s wife.)

(Okay, this review is getting out of control.)

The show was decent. That’s all I got.

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