THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Klaus” Season 2 Episode 19 – This week’s episode is an info dump of epic proportions. Let’s take a look at what we learned:

* There is no sun and moon curse. It was all a hoax by Klaus and Elijah to help further their real plan.
* Klaus and Elijah are brothers.
* Elijah was in love with Katherine.
* Klaus is a vampire-werewolf hybrid whose werewolf side is dormant.
* Elijah apparently has a way to keep Elena alive if she she allows herself to be sacrificed.

And somewhere during all of that we got angst and heartache. Not to mention poor Jenna having one heck of day.

Okay, let’s address that first. Jenna has been the only human character over the past 41 episodes who has managed to keep a distance from the supernatural goings on. Well, maybe not physically (some of those happenings did go down in her home, after all), but she had no actual knowledge of these things. Now that she’s found out, she’s scared and feels betrayed. What will she do when faced with the supernatural? Is she going to morph into a kickass bitch or do what a normal human would do and fall apart? If it’s the latter, I hope she packs up and leaves town before it’s too late.

Now to backtrack: what the heck, dudes? On the one hand, I can almost buy this episode. It was a fun watch and I really liked the flashbacks that showed us how everything developed. (Also, we got to see Trevor. We all know about my love for Trevor.) On the other hand, they’ve just ripped apart the entire reason for season two – unless this is a bluff. I’m going to go with the assumption that Elijah is telling the truth. If he is, there is no sun and moon plot, Elena won’t die, and the biggest issue is stopping Klaus, a vampire-werewolf hybrid.

So what comes next? We can be pretty confident that the Scrappy gang will win this battle, but how do you top a near-unkillable big bad in season 3?

If Elijah is lying, things get a bit more interesting. If it comes down to broken vs unbroken curse, I genuinely wouldn’t want to bet money on either outcome. Broken would be a great set up for season 3, unbroken wouldn’t but is perhaps more likely to happen. Not to mention that Elijah lying would also mean the potential for Elena to die…

As you can see my thoughts are all over the place at this point. Next week’s episode is called ‘The Last Day’. Let’s get some speculation going. What do you think is going to happen, dear reader? Do you think Elijah is telling the truth? Do you think there’s a genuine risk to Elena? And what are your thoughts on this episode, ‘Klaus’, in general? Let us know in the comments below!

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