SUPERNATURAL “Frontierland” Advance Review

SUPERNATURAL (CW) Frontierland

SUPERNATURAL “Frontierland” Season 6 Episode 18 – Okay so I’m just gonna start out this review with one tiny little thing. Sorry but I have to get this out..


Okay, there, I feel better now.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us continue with our regularly scheduled review. Now y’all know the drill. Since this here is an advanced review, I best be avoidin’ them spoilers (sorry, I seem to have picked up an accent from all the southern twanging going on in this one, I’ll try and rein it back in now).

Once again everyone working on this show does that thing that they do so well. They manage to mix the comedy of what could have been just a silly episode about the boys going back in time, along with a strong story that also moves the myth arc along nicely. I mean sure, we get to have all the fun of Sam and Dean hamming it up in cowboy boots and ten-gallon (okay maybe more like two-gallon) hats, but that’s not all that this episode is about. You see, there’s a reason that the boys have to go back to the old west and that ties it into everything that has happened this so far this season.

Also, as a big Cas fan (just check out my ‘Supernatural Thursdays’ article if you have doubts about that fact), I was very happy to see more of him in this one. We find out a little bit more about what’s going on with Cas and he and Bobby have a few short, but pretty powerful, scenes together.

So if you think this one is just going to all fun and games, let me tell you, it’s not. There is some heavy stuff going on and unfortunately that’s about all I can say without giving too much away.

My favorite (non-spoilery of course) bits…

The absolutely spectacular title card. (C’mon now, we all know that’s not a spoiler. Was there really any doubt they weren’t gonna do a new title card for this one?)

Bobby is apparently a Sci Fi fan.

Dean once again offers up a.uh, unique way to pray for Castiel.

Sam and Dean have very different words for horse crap.

Dean finds out pretty quick that watching western movies does not, necessarily, help one acclimate to the west.

Something happens within the first 15 minutes that literally made my jaw drop.

There is a whole sequence using the word “posse” that made me laugh so hard I cried.

Dean and I have the exact same thought when we see Sam on a horse.

Less than halfway through, my jaw was on the floor again. (yep, it’s one of those kinds of eps, people)

Bobby says “balls!” again – *happy dance ensues*

Sam’s cell phone comes in handy at one point, in a way I’d never have expected.

Someone says this great line: “I’m either too drunk, or not drunk enough.”

For once in his life, Dean is momentarily caught completely off guard.

You will not believe how both Die Hard and Back to the Future are referenced.

The ending literally had me screaming..and then practically falling on the floor in shock.

All right folks, once you’ve seen this episode of Supernatural, feel free to come on back up here and let me know what y’all thought of it.

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