SMALLVILLE Welcomes Booster Gold and The Blue Beetle Tonight!

smallville booster gold blue beetle

Brand new episode of SMALLVILLE coming your way tonight on The CW. There is plenty to get excited about. Apart from the fact these are the very last episode from Smallville (boo!), “Booster” is directed by series star Tom Welling and written by comic book writer Geoff Johns.

But that’s not all, we also meet Booster Gold tonight, “the greatest hero you’ve never heard of,” and witness the birth of The Blue Beetle.

This is definitely a fun episode. Clark has to deal with becoming invisible as Clark Kent, so as to cover his alter ego, unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

But the best part for me was Booster Gold. He starts out as a bit of a douche, but I thought he was lots of fun. And of course there is more to him than we initially think. In fact, I will tease you by saying that he plays sort of a big part in what will lead Clark to finally become Superman.

So make sure you tune in tonight at 8pm on The CW!