SANCTUARY “Hangover” Advance Review

SANCTUARY "Hangover"

After the heartstopping midseason and the heaviness of the midseason premiere, Sanctuary decides to lighten it up in this episode, much to my delight. I had the opportunity to watch tonight’s episode in advance and I found it to be a refreshing change from the usual heaviness surrounding our favorite cast of characters.

Sanctuary always leaves me satisified. Whether it is journeys to middle earth, dealing with new and unforeseen abnormals, or just handling every day life in the Sanctuary, the story lines are unique and intellectual, the humor spot on and the show continues to hold my interest. This episode was no different.

At first I was a bit concerned. If you cannot tell from the name of this episode, it plays out like the movie of the same name. The team is back on earth and preparing for a security audit by the UN. Magnus gets called away to a conference and leaves the Sanctuary in the hands of her very capable team, or so she thought. Upon her return, she finds utter chaos and complete memory loss. Much like the movie, what happened over the course of her time away is remembered through flashbacks and other more technological means.

I did not like the movie The Hangover. The premises was great, but the execution just failed me. I know I am probably in the minority with that opinion. However, having said that, I actually thought it worked in on this show. From the first “Bloody hell!” out of Magnus’ mouth until the complete picture of what happened and why, I loved it! There was one point in time that I got a Bradley Cooper vibe from Henry, and there might have been a monkey involved too, but setting those points aside, it was a fun episode. Some highlights include Bigfoot in a gas mask, a game of laser tag with harsher consequences, and a whole lot of blaming others for the events that happened.

So if you are a die hard Sanctuary fan or even just a dabbler that enjoys the more lighthearted, less sci fi parts of the show, tune in tonight at 10:00 pm ET to the latest episode. You won’t be disappointed. Then come back here after and tell me what you thought in the comments below.

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