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PARKS AND RECREATION “Soulmates” Season 3 Episode 10 – In PARKS AND RECREATION this week, Ron and Chris go up against each other to see who can make a better burger and Leslie finds out she’s soulmates with Tom.

Yep. After Ben refuses to have dinner with her (and after being hit on by the guy from the sewage department), Leslie decides that she needs to find a better guy to date. With Ann’s help, Leslie sets up an online profile and comes up with a 98% match. Ann tells her that this is a “soulmate” score, but when she clicks on the link to see her match, she finds out that it’s Tom.

Needless to say, she’s disgusted. BUT, being Leslie, she decides to find out why these types of guys are attracted to her and takes Tom out to lunch to ask him questions. Tom eventually discovers why and plays up the “soulmate” thing like CRAZY and to the point where I was even getting annoyed with him.

Meanwhile, Chris decides that the Parks Department is going to help Pawnee lose weight and removes red meat from the cafeteria. Ron does not appreciate this and they come up with a friendly competition of turkey burger vs. hamburger. If Ron wins, the burgers can stay. If Chris wins, they go.

They travel to a health food store where Ron is just beside himself by the people that he sees, and where Chris knows everyone. Oh, and buys Andy a pinwheel.

Ron ends up going to “Food and stuff” for his two packages of meat, and buys April two stuffed ravens. … I dont know either.

Back at the office, Leslie is so fed up with Tom that she drags him out during a meeting and kisses him to shut him up. Unfortunatly Chris sees this, and ends up talking to Leslie about how he forbids any inner office relationships, and shares that Ben had been asking about it not long ago. This makes Leslie really happy (and me too!!).

The cookoff beings, and well, Ron wins. Even Chris can’t deny that his burger which is “just meat” is better than his turkey burger.

Parks and Recreation is always hilarious, so it seems redundant to say it again… BUT if you know people that aren’t watching this show, tell them to. They’re missing out on some fantastic comedy.

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