FRINGE “6:02 AM EST” Review


FRINGE “6:02 AM EST” Season 3 Episode 20 – With only 2 episodes left this season, FRINGE is holding nothing back as it barrels toward the season finale. We were left wondering what the meaning was behind “6:02 AM” and now we know that it is the exact moment that Walternate activated the machine that will destroy our reality in order to save the alternate reality.

It is odd being the viewer of both realities. I know just how hard it will be for Walter, Peter and Olivia to figure out how to save their world because they are missing the one key ingredient – Peter’s son. They have no idea that the other Olivia had Peter’s son or that his DNA/blood is what triggered the machine. I wonder, though, why the thought has not entered Walter’s mind? After all, it was not a secret that Peter and the other Olivia were in a relationship. When everyone was talking about how only Peter could activate the machine, I fully expected Walter to realize that there is some part of Peter in the alternate universe. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when it never crossed his mind.

However, I was not disappointed in this episode. Sam Weiss is back! He is my favorite mysterious wise man. He went from counseling Olivia to becoming what appears to be a central figure in saving the world. Is anyone else eager to hear his back story? Where did he get all of his knowlege? Who exactly is he? Why did William Bell trust him above all others? So intriguing.

While there was very little advancement in the romantic relationship of Peter and Olivia, if I am going to be completely honest, I am a bit relieved. Although I never would have anticipated it happening, I like alternate Olivia more than our Olivia. Yes, I feel like somewhat of a traitor. However, the relationship between Peter and Olivia just doesn’t feel as real as the one between he and the other Olivia. Am I alone in thinking this?

Back to the main plot of tonight’s episode, Walternate for whatever reason is going all out to destroy what he thinks is the “other” world to save his own. Where does he get the perceived threat to their world? I just do not see it. It was interesting that both Walternate and Walter were willing to sacrifice their son, Peter, for the common good, but only Walter seemed truly upset about it and he is not even Peter’s biological father. I will take our Walter anyday – “Yeah, it is Tuesday. Walter is always naked on Tuesdays.” Love it!

What happens now? Peter is out of commission, the machine having knocked him literally out. Crazy happenings are still occuring in this reality. The other Olivia’s attempts to find Peter landed her in lockdown by Walternate. Are we relying only on Sam and Olivia? Will Peter wake up and save the world? Where do you think we will be come the season finale? Only a show as good as Fringe could leave you with so many questions and begging for more.

What did you think about this episode? It would seem that someone ends up saving the world merely so the show can go on. How do you think that will happen? Shoot your best theories at me in the comment section below. I am eager to hear your thoughts!

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