SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: My Favorite Castiel Moments

Castiel Misha Collins

I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to be writing my very first article for Supernatural Thursdays! I’m also very happy that it just so happens to be about Castiel. I know that in the introduction to this column I labeled myself as a Dean girl but I’m also very much a Cas girl, too.

I fell in love with Cas the moment he first came on the show and that love has never waned. In fact it has only grown and I am proud to present my list of favorite Cas moments.

“I am an angel of the Lord.”

Cas - Wings Spread

Who can beat the moment Cas first appeared to Dean? Seeing his wings appear as shadows when the lightning struck behind him made me gasp out loud and I knew we were in for a whole new era of the show.

Jimmy begs Cas to take him instead of his daughter

Cas and Jimmy

This one is really a Jimmy moment as it was his impassioned plea that broke my heart. But Cas was there too so it still totally counts as a Cas moment. I had tears in my eyes when he chose the tortuous life of living with an angel inside his body, rather that subject his little girl to it.

“You should show me some respect.”

Castiel- Show Me Some Respect

This was when I knew that Cas wasn’t just gonna be some sweet little angel on Dean’s shoulder, and that’s when I think Dean knew it too. I already liked Cas but I think it was right then and there that I started respecting him.

And all because of one line: “You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of Hell. I can throw you back in.”

“Hey, Assbut!”

Castiel -  Hey Assbutt!

Castiel arrives just in the nick of time to give Dean a few moments he needs with Lucifer alone. He does it by (as Lucifer put it) molotoving Michael right out of the picture and that gets him immediately blown to bits. Cas sacrificed himself for the good of the cause. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Arriving back from 1978, barely alive

Castiel - barely alive

Once again Cas shows his willingness to do whatever it takes to keep the Winchesters alive. Going back to 1978 nearly kills Cas and when the boys arrive in the present without him, I was worried until he suddenly popped into their hotel room and promptly passed out. Sure he was nearly dead, but at least he made it. That’s our Cas.

Pretty much any scene from The End

Castiel - Dirty Hippie

It’s too hard to pick one scene from that episode so I’m just gonna go with the whole darn thing. Cas was no longer the angel we all knew and loved, and yet I loved him more. From being high as a kite, to taking part in orgies and even carrying a machine gun, it was all great fun. And yet he also gave us another poignant moment when he had to tell Dean that he no longer had any power. For the first time we saw his sadness over what he had lost.

Cas watches porn

Castiel watching porn

You know, it’s not really the watching part that was funny. It was the fact that he sat there and tried to analytically make sense of it that really cracked me up.

Cas kisses Meg

Cas kisses Meg

Okay so maybe watching porn analytically has its plus points because he sure managed to deliver one hell of a kiss to Meg. And he learned it all from the pizza man.

Dean takes Cas to a brothel

Castiel goes to a brothel

As hard as I was laughing during this whole sequence, here was another time where I again felt bad for him, even through my giggles. Poor Cas has never been with a woman (or angel, whatever) and that’s kinda sad as you get the impression it’s not like it never happens, it’s just never happened for him. As funny as it was, I’m also kinda glad he didn’t end up doing it with a hooker for his first time and I wonder if they’ll ever come back to that particular story again.

Drawing a sigil on his own chest

Cas sigil

Cas walks into the warehouse where Zachariah had his little “waiting room”, takes down a bunch of angels and then opens his shirt to reveal the sigil he’d drawn in his own blood. That, my friends, was Cas at his badass best.

Any time he fights other angels

Castiel Misha Collins

There’s nothing I like more than watching Cas kick a little angel ass. Him and that angel-destroying dagger of his are quite the force to be reckoned with.

Any time he uses a cell phone

Cas - CellPhone Fail

Poor Cas. He does this great and important thing by making sure that no angel can find the guys, etching symbols on their rib cages no less. But then he can no longer find them and has to use mundane methods of communication…like cell phones. His failure was as hilarious as it was endearing.

Snarfing hamburgers

Cas  the Hamburglar

Cas is surprised to find that he is affected by Famine and can’t stop eating. Of course it’s his host body that has the cravings, but Cas still has to do it and watching him eat burger after burger…..after burger, was awesome.

Falling asleep in the back of the Impala

Sleepy Castiel

At first I, like Dean, thought it was cute when the boys heard a soft snore coming from the backseat and turned around to see Cas sleeping soundly. It wasn’t until Sam pointed out that angels weren’t supposed to sleep that I knew something was wrong. Cas was losing his power and that was not a good thing.


You know, the more I delved into this subject, the more moments I found. I knew I was a fan of Cas before I started this article, but now I’m an even bigger fan of him (if that’s even possible). I could seriously keep doing this all day, but I had to stop somewhere and now it’s time to hear from you folks.

Alright boys and girls, sound off below and let us know what your favorite Cas moments are!

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Special thanks to my buddy Sara Winchester over at Rocksalt & Shotguns for all her help with finding pics for this post. I would’ve been lost without her!