Shane West Talks About the Exciting Final Episodes of Season 1 of NIKITA

Nikita (CW) Rough Trade

Thanks to the good people over at Warner Brothers, a few of us were pleased to sit down and have coffee with Shane West, who plays Michael on the hit series NIKITA. Here are a few things he had to say.

On his recent road trip from Toronto back to LA

Shane was asked about was his recent road trip from the set in Toronto all the way back to LA. He remarked that he had a great time, but next year he might just have his car towed back instead as the trip was long. Apparently he got through it with the combined efforts of 5 hour energy drinks and Sirius Radio.

On the development of “Mikita” (Michael and Nikita)

Shane said that he was really happy about the development of “Mikita” (Michael and Nikita getting together) and that he and Maggie Q (who plays Nikita) wanted that from the very beginning of the show. They were both shocked when it happened so quickly in the series, but they are glad with the results and they know that it is what the fans wanted. He joked that it took him three years to get one kiss on ER and now he’s in a relationship in just eight episodes.

Looking back on what’s happened with the show over the first season, Shane remarked that this has been a whole new experience for him, coming off of shows like ER and Once and Again. On those types of shows, things moved a lot slower and so now he feels that he doesn’t know what is going to happen next. Everything he thought would wait until season 3 or 4, has already happened.

On what “Mikita” fans can expect in the final episodes of Season 1

Shane said that he thought that the fans will be happy with what they see. Michael and Nikita will absolutely continue to be together, but he was quick to point out that it won’t be easy for them. There is a rough road ahead for both characters.

On the possibility of getting a Season 2

Shane said that he and the rest of the cast and crew are feeling pretty confident about the prospect. They work hard on the show and are very proud of what they’ve created in those long days of filming.

On whether Jaden would ever become suspicious of Michael

Shane said that he didn’t think Jaden was that smart. He says that Jaden will surprise the fans in an upcoming episode as there is a twist in it that he didn’t see coming and doesn’t think the fans will expect it either.

On the his guest star ideas for one of the Guardians

While Shane didn’t have any specific actors in mind, he did say that one thing he would love to see is them play with the idea of the stereotypical person one would think of when thinking of a Guardian. For instance he said he’d love to see an 80-year-old guy come in and do it, playing a Guardian who has been around for a very long time and hasn’t done it in a while.

On what we can expect in the season finale

Obviously Shane couldn’t say a lot. He was able to tell us that for as many questions as the show will answer, it will also pose a lot more. He said that many of these closing of old doors and opening of new ones will literally happen at the exact same moment.

I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds pretty exciting to me. So what do y’all think? After hearing all about it from Shane West himself, are you pumped for the finale?

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