NIKITA “Girl’s Best Friend” Review

NIKITA (CW) - Girl's Best Friend

NIKITA “Girl’s Best Friend” Season 1 Episode 19 – I wanted this week’s NIKITA to be even better than last week’s eventful one. But I found “Girl’s Best Friend” to be disappointing with awkward jokes, predictable writing, and bits and pieces of each character’s story scattered throughout. However as I’ve noticed before, the show always seems to be able to maintain a good pace in its episodes that keeps the story moving along. So somehow I always enjoy watching Nikita, despite whatever I might nitpick about the episode.

Mission: Stop the power hungry son of the Liberian president, who has developed nerve toxin encased in diamonds and plans a terrorist attack at a developing nations summit. He wants his dad dead, too.

Alex’s departure from Division is planned in coordination with this mission which Michael considers legitimate. He puts Division’s mission before Alex’s future well-being. Michael wants to be part of something bigger, something that benefits the greater good. Where does that put Nikita on the totem pole of importance?

Michael and Nikita are already behaving like an old, married couple. I am still not sure how I feel about a Michael/Nikita relationship so early in the show, but I do prefer the more expressive Michael.

Why do Alex’s story lines always involve sex and parties? I am guessing it’s that whole “pretty young thing” vibe.

We see a very emotional Nikita tonight, especially when she is telling Alex to be strong for herself. I wonder if this is an intentional decision by the show, in order to shift the approach to the character. See next comment.

Nikita knocked unconscious again! What is that about? Is the show trying to make her more vulnerable?

Bad (and old) jokes: There’s an app for that. Can you hear me now? Shudder! Surely the writers can do better than this.

Mission accomplished: Everyone is dead who should be. Well, except Anya according to Percy. And it’s still up in the air about Jaden. Will we be seeing Anya in future episodes, seeing as Division didn’t capture her?

Alex gives up her freedom to save Jaden. She is okay with it, much to the chagrin of Nikita. But Jaden appears to be turning into a brownnoser and acting in secret for Percy, bringing him the frozen toxin. She gets agent status though. Will she go to the dark side?

Alex wants to make a difference, like Michael. Will they team up against Nikita now? Despite turning into a pushover with Nikita, Michael is still keen on using the occasional lie, like not quite updating Nikita on Alex’s status.

Moments that may have been funny only to me: Moving in full spy-mode, Nikita suddenly appearing in front of the van after Jaden and Alex arrive at Kalume’s. Alex pretending to be in danger and saying in a robotic voice, “Wait. Oh no. I’m trapped. I can’t get out.”

Alex apparently is stuck in Division for now. Do you want her to be in or out?

What did you think of episode 19 “Girl’s Best Friend” of Nikita? Comment below.