BONES “The Finder” Review

BONES (FOX) The Finder

BONES “The Finder” Season 6 Episode 19 – All right folks, I’m an idiot. Why am I an idiot? Because it took me a good ten minutes into this episode before I realized that it was being used to introduce the Bones spin-off series, The Finder. I know, I know, I should totally know all this stuff way ahead of time but I didn’t this time. Did I know a spinoff was coming? Sure. Did I remember that this was the episode introducing the new cast? Uh..that part took me a few minutes.

Once I did though, I was all aboard and ready to roll with it and I gotta say, Geoff Stults completely nailed it. I decided I liked Walter (and wanted to see a lot more of him) the moment he and Booth started wrestling in the bar. It was hilarious and I knew right then that this wasn’t going to be a typical episode of Bones.

One thing I did notice was that, though this new show is being played as a spinoff of Bones, in reality the two shows couldn’t be more different. Bones has science and the FBI, whereas The Finder has a guy has a gift for finding anything and anyone. The two groups act and work differently and this looks like it’s going to be a whole new kind of show.

Actually I guess that could be a good thing. I mean after all we already have a scientist teamed up with an FBI agent, we don’t really need to see that again. So I’m willing to give this new show a shot, if this one episode is anything to go by, I’m thinking I’m gonna like it.

My favorite bits..

Bones telling Booth that “halfway past the middle of nowhere” was not an accurate geographical reference.

Finding out that hogs have people teeth and that someone actually made themselves a pair set of dentures from them. Okay, all together now…. EEEWWWWW!

Bones asking Booth to point out which one in the bar was the son of a bitch.

Walter and Booth getting into a wrestling match over Bones’ ID. Classic. I swear I was waiting for it to turn into a slapfight at some point.

I’m with Booth, Walter is totally upset that Bones called his ‘finder power’ not real.

Walter stripping down to his boxers to go through the victim’s apartment. I have no idea why he had to do it practically naked.. and frankly I don’t care. I also appreciated that all of it happened to the tune of ‘Gonna Get Myself Connected’.

Trying to decide whether to laugh or be shocked when Walter dropped his drawers and settled himself on the toilet.

The look on Bones’ face when she heard the toilet flush over the phone.

Leo dragging that huge tattooed dude across the floor.

Ike: “I am not a lesbian, I just have a confident demeanor.”

Poor Walter realizing that Miss Do Not Resuscitate was not impressed with him in the bar.

Walter finding and giving Bones the medal she lost when she was a kid, and a picture of her mom to boot. Aw.

Walter asking Hodgins if he was rich, after finding out he was married to Angela.

Walter assuring Ike that he had done his calculations by pen, pencil, abacus and calculator..and Leo confirmed it was correct after doing it in his head.

Really loving Walter’s description of what he called an “infinite thrumming web.” It was great to get a feel of what was going on in his head and why he can do what he can do.

Bones admitting that Walter’s “finder power” was real.

Finding out exactly why Booth has a problem with Walter.

Leo pointing out that there is a fine line between kidnapping and citizen’s arrest.

This line from Booth: “Hey buddy, we’ve got an extra finger. You wanna try it on?”

Bones trying to convince Booth that Walter had waited until he’d had a chance to hold his newborn son before arresting him. Yep, I’m totally with her on that. From what we’ve seen of Walter, I’m sure he could have found Booth faster if he’d wanted to.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Are you planning on watching The Finder? I’d love to hear from you!

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