Survivor: Redemption Island “Rice Wars”, Season 22 Episode 10 – I’ve been watching Survivor for a long time, but I really can’t think of a tribe member who’s ever spent more alone time than Matt on this season of Survivor: Redemption Island. “Rice Wars” started with a very earnest and honest prayer from Matt, and it really is hard to fault him for feeling so defeated at this point in the game. The only other person I can think of who might challenge Matt for “Alone time” was Sugar on Survivor: Gabon being sent to Exile Island so many times, but at least she wasn’t being sent to fend for her life in the game!

Speaking of fending for your life, the “Truel” was another remake of a previous Survivor game, but at least it was entertaining. Matt and Mike moved on, making David the first member of the jury (His questions at the final tribal should be interesting, being an attorney in real life.) We’ll see what happens next week between Matt and Mike, and see if we’ll get another three-way Redemption game, or if they’ll catch up to the two-on-two.

Speaking of the titular “Rice Wars” scene, I was on Philip’s side at first. I get that you’re on separate tribes or allegiances, but withholding food from other people in your merged tribe is a little over the line. But then, Philip takes it to way too far by making it racial. I don’t want to offend anybody (That is if anybody actually reads this thing), but you’re kind of hurting your own race if you’re acting like such a martyr. Saying that other black people “Self-destruct” and shoot people, and then dropping the N-word, that just makes you (and your race that you’re trying to defend) look bad.

While we’re talking about Philip, he was part of the other major controversy of the episode. However, on this one, I am on Philip’s side. I personally feel that tampering with, damaging, or hiding other contestants personal belongings should be punished. It was kind of funny when Russell burned Jayson’s socks a couple years ago, but now that something like this happens just about every season, it just comes off as cheap and juvenile. These people are given such precious few resources as it is, so taking away their clothing is just low.

I don’t want to keep talking about Philip and the drama he continued to produce at the tribal council, so I want to focus on somebody else: Jeff. Seriously, Jeff Probst is the best television host of all time. If this guy doesn’t get a job on TV after Survivor runs its course as an analyst or correspondent or something, then something is wrong with this world. I could not believe how expertly he was able to diffuse such a potentially volatile situation when the N-word was mentioned at tribal, and the way that he wrapped up the discussion was just genius. If you listen to what he said again, he never actually chose sides or defended a particular argument. He was able to make both parties feel appreciated and listened to, while still making them feel that the argument was brought to a satisfying end. Very well done. Why does this guy not win an Emmy every single year?

Random Thoughts:

– I know I’ve mentioned it in previous reviews, but seriously: Couldn’t you guys see Philip on a reality show on E! or TLC or something? This guy is ripe for the crazy pluckin’!

– I’m already not a big fan of rice. I never eat my rice at Panda Express, so I honestly think that would be the toughest part for me going on this show.

– Julie trying to scare Matt and Mike at Redemption Island was the most personality I’ve seen out of her all season.