MODERN FAMILY “Someone to Watch over Lily” Review

MODERN FAMILY (ABC) "Someone to Watch Over Lily"

MODERN FAMILY “Someone to Watch over Lily” Season 2 Episode 20 – Cam and Mitchell pick a bad day for their quest to find the right guardians for Lily if–God forbid– something should happen to them, as chaos reigns over all the families in the “Someone to Watch over Lily” episode of MODERN FAMILY

It’s good to be wrong. I read the blurb for this episode and thought, “A legal guardian episode? But it’s so overdone.” I forgot how different–and funny–it could be when Modern Family tackles it. Cam and Mitchell trying to be stealthy as they run around judging the potential guardians is too funny and I’m dying at the utter bedlam that is the Dunphy house in the morning. “Son of Jor-El!” The juggling sight gag with knives and fruit is perfectly executed and Claire has the yelling down pat.

As much as I love Phil and Claire, I think Jay and Gloria are a good choice, hair rings or no herrings (You knew Lily was coming back with holes in those ears, right?). Not only do they have more time, but Jay really is a great dad to Manny, rock wall notwithstanding. The chat in the car makes me sniffle a bit. I just hope Cam and Mitchell watch out for any Gloria-caused accidents. “When something horrible happens, you’re going to be all mine. Let’s go look at your room, Liliana!”

Nothing had better happen to Cam and Mitchell because they are so perfectly goofy together. I wish they sniped at each other a bit less, but the sweet moments balance it out. Love Lily’s Carmen Miranda outfit and that Mitchell wanted to be in the picture, but–and I’m no expert on babies– is Lily the least expressive kid ever? I find her solemnity distracting.

“I’m worried he’s turning into you, Phil.” And just like that, Modern Family gets real in a very cool way because that the worst fights almost always happen when something just slips out. Luke and Phil totally have ADHD and their fascination with paint can shaking is hilarious, but of course Phil’s also right that Claire is an obsessive worrywart. I love that not only does he find his way home when they leave him in a parking lot, but he does it in style.

Alex taking a walk on the dark side with Haley is an interesting twist. Alex definitely needs to let off some steam, and while it would be better if she picked something that doesn’t involve a trip to the police station, it’s fun to see her bond with Haley instead of bicker (“It smells like feet.” “That’s not feet.”) and admit that she hates the cello. She has been one stressed teen this season and I’m very curious to see where this goes.

It’s nice to see Modern Family on a roll as we hit the home stretch of its sophomore season. This episode hits the right balance of laugh out loud funny, witty, and poignant and every character has at least a couple great lines.

Favorite lines:

“Come back in seven years, five months when they’re all gone.”

“One time she gave me a Woody-she remembered that was my favorite character from Toy Story.”

“So cows freeze now. Are we all just accepting that?”

“Without chaperones, it’s anarchy.”

“I didn’t even have to take my pants off. I figured that one out a little late.” “Been there.”

“I think I hear Lily sending us a message from her stripper pole. Thanks, gay dead dads, this dance is for you.”

“Oh no! Where did everyone go? Oh. Just a blink.”

“No offense, but the family’s hopes and dreams are kind of pinned on me.

“Jay said that?” “Yeah, and he wasn’t drinking or anything.”

What did you think of “Someone to Watch over Lily?” Which of your favorite moments did I miss and would you leave your child with Phil/Claire or Jay/Gloria? Let me know in the comments. Oh, and a personal bleg: Does anyone have any idea where I could buy the Dunphys’ coffee mugs? My kitchen is crying out for them. Thanks!

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