JUSTIFIED “Full Commitment” Review

JUSTIFIED (FX) Full Commitment

JUSTIFIED “Full Commitment” Season 2 Episode 11 – After he and Winona are the targets of an obvious assassination attempt, Raylan gets stuck with Tim as his babysitter for a little while. He works at trying to ditch Tim every chance he can get, which wasn’t exactly a big shocker. I mean telling Raylan not to work on a case, especially a case where he and Winona were nearly shot, is clearly not going to happen. I was however a smidge surprised when it turned out that Gary put out the hit, hoping to get Raylan out of Winona’s life once and for all. The plan backfired on him and instead, Gary’s the one out of Winona’s life.

Boyd is still building his army and goes to Raylan’s father to recruit the old guy onto his team. Meanwhile, Dickie’s plans are going up in flames. After Boyd comes in and busts up a business meeting, a mutiny begins and ends with bullets, leaving him with only one man left. Turns out that’s all he needs though, once he realizes that Arlo is with Boyd and that Helen is home alone.

I was waiting to see what would bring Raylan into the Dickie versus Boyd war and now we have it. Dickie has just made himself a mountain of enemies by killing Helena and all I’m waiting to see now is who gets to him first.

My favorite bits..

Raylan being unable to keep his attention on the meeting with his peers on account of Gary throwing a hissy fit in the other room.

I’m with Raylan though, Gary is kind of an asshole, but he’s also not entirely wrong.

Mullen giving Tim full permission to shoot Raylan if he caught him trying to participate in the investigation.

Raylan coming straight out and admitting that he was fully planning on giving Tim the slip at some point.

Boyd talking about economic stimulation and how Ava wanted to take away some of that very stimulation. Whoa. Is it hot in here? *fans self*

Jed instructing his men that they might want to get at least a few bullets close enough to their target to let them know someone is shooting at them.

Yes! Tim made reference to the Dolly Parton version of ‘I Will Always Love You.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned that the Whitney Houston version was a remake and gotten strange looks in return.

Raylan knowing a hell of a lot about ice cream.

It taking Tim about five seconds too long to realize that the store didn’t have a bathroom. Oops.

Helen: “Remember, no matter how much they scare you and how much they hurt you, you can’t tell what you do not know.”

Tim referring to the group of armed men in front of Mags’ place as ‘The Oakridge Boys.”

Doyle: “You bring one man to back you up?” Raylan: “Yeah well, I thought you’d bring more guys.”

Boyd coming in and taking over Dickie’s sale.

Jed very wisely deciding to stay on Team Dickie, seeing as how the alternative involved a bullet to the skull.

Tim remarking that he felt like he was in ‘The Big Chill.” LOL! He’s got some of the best lines in this episode.

Raylan telling Gary that he was definitely going to tell him what was going on, the only question was what Raylan would do to him to make it happen.

Duffy telling his man to get some plastic. Uh oh.

Raylan deciding to let Gary go, rather than let Winona get hurt by seeing who he really was.

Tim wisely deciding he really didn’t want to know the whole story of what happened with Raylan and Gary.

Feeling sick the moment I saw Dickie and Jed in the kitchen when Helen walked in. There was no other way it was going to end and yet I kept on hoping I was wrong.

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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