HAPPY ENDINGS “Your Couples Friends & Neighbor/Mein Coming Out” Review

Happy endings

HAPPY ENDINGS “Your Couples Friends & Neighbor/Mein Coming Out” Episode 2 & 3 – ABC this week gave us two more episodes of this new comedy and again I found that I liked the second episode better than the first. Not that I hated the first one or anything, I just thought it was funny that last week I liked episode 2 better than the pilot and this week I like episode 4 better than 4. I have no idea what that means, but it was interesting.

The best part of “Your Couples Friends & Neighbor” was the guy living in Dave’s ceiling (aka Malcolm, played by Michael Mosley) and Dave’s sleepwalking. Other than that, the rest of the stories were okay but nothing will beat watching the Sleepy Dave videos at the end.

“Mein Coming Out” had a lot going for it. Max has never come out to his parents so Dave convinces him that now is the time to do it. But instead he tries to keep up appearances and at one point or another, ends up with each of the girls as his pseudo-girlfriend. Hilarity ensues but the best part came in the end when he finally let them in on the secret and they accepted him for who he was. This is a sitcom so it’s not like it was gonna go any other way, but still, it was sweet.

My favorite bits..

Seeing what Brad and Max had spent their day so far. LOVED the double dutch bit.

Max trying to argue that he wasn’t a hobbit because he ate two dinners, not too breakfasts. It would’ve worked too, if Dace hadn’t pointed out that he does that, too.

Brad trying to claim that wearing an Arsenio Hall costume for Halloween was timeless. Yeah, not so much.

Brad using the nanny cam to his advantage.

Finding out that John Mayer hot is more than DiCaprio hot. That’s good to know.

Totally understanding what Jane meant by liking to have a clean DVR. I’m the same way and yet mine is always full. It’s awful.

Max and Dave discovering that there was a guy living in their ceiling.

Penny describing Malcolm as a nice, normal guy..as he’s climbing back into the ceiling.

Dave freaking out over the “spider” and falling back through the floor.

Max telling Malcolm that it was not nice to steal..while wearing the shirt he stole from Malcolm.

Everybody watching the footage of Sleepy Dave.

Alex asking if she was a ghost.

Penny saying that when she gets nervous she turns into Blanche from The Golden Girls.

Max telling his parents that he loves “lady parts.”

Penny and her new guy giggling as her real blind date searched the party for her in vain.

Really? Penny is judging a guy because of his last name? I sooooo could care less about something like that.

Alex wiki-ing World War II just so she could make fun of Penny’s new boyfriend.

Laughing so hard at this I thought I was gonna die – “Have fun with Hitler, make sure he doesn’t get into your panzer…whaaaat? Boom!” (Best. Line. Ever. – And yes, I did have to look up ‘panzer’, what of it?)

Jane dropping Brad’s pants and then running off? So not cool.

Max’s poor parents trying to come to terms with all the insanity. After that, it was no surprise that they were relieved to find out he was just gay and not actually going out with all the crazy women.

Dave planting a big, wet one on Max to keep his parents from setting him up on any dates.

What did you think of this episode of Happy Endings? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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