BODY OF PROOF “Dead Man Walking” Review

Body of Proof (ABC) Dead Man Walking

BODY OF PROOF “Dead Man Walking” Season 1 Episode 5 – When a guy drops dead basically in the middle of the street, the team finds out that he died from complications after surgery. Now you’d think that finding out that a victim was killed by doctor error would make it an open and shut case, but actually it just opens up a can of worms for Hunt.

After all, she took full responsibility and shut down her own practice when she accidentally killed someone on her table. Seeing a cocky doctor who apparently speeds his way through every procedure doesn’t sit well with her and she does everything she can to prove he was at fault. Unfortunately though it turns out that it was her own friend who was at fault, tampering instruments in the hope of killing a man she felt was responsible for her son’s death.

All of this leaves Hunt dealing with her own issues as the entire case seems tailor made to bring all of the memories back. At one point she even has to perform an emergency surgery, the first one since she herself lost a patient on her table. The fact that she came through it all with flying colors shows me how well she is continuing to adjust.

Meanwhile Ethan and Curtis are on the case of a woman who mysteriously dies in a hotel room. Fun fact – both the woman and her twin sister are played by Christina Hendricks, who also happens to be Geoffrey Arrend’s (Ethan) real-life wife. The two were really cute together, even though I have to admit that I actually suspected she had somehow killed her sister. This was one time when I was happy to see that I was wrong.

My favorite bits..

Peter accusing Hunt of “communing with one of her own” when she said she used to go visit a shark.

Ethan: “You had your heart checked lately?” Curtis: “You had your FACE checked lately?”

Ethan needing to take another sip of his coffee when Karen asked him to go with her to her sister’s apartment.

The sight of Ethan and Curtis making like moon men in those yellow suits.

Curtis accusing Ethan of making him go through a room full of bio waste just so he’d have something to talk about with the sister. That’s a new one.

Ethan assuring Karen that his specialty was moving pianos. Aw, too cute.

Kate and an entire team of cops going in to a hospital and shutting it down. Dramatic, but effective.

Chandler: “You stand in my shoes then you can judge me.” Hunt: “I’ve already done both.”

Curtis pointing out to Ethan that if he left Karen any more messages she would think he was stalking her.

Peter telling Hunt that he would faint later, after she was done performing impromptu surgery in the middle of some guy’s living room.

Peter shoving Hunt forward to be thanked by George for saving his life.

The way Hunt’s face fell when she realized George was a friend of Gwen’s son.

The way Hunt sat on Chandler’s car and warned him he was going to have to sell it if she ever saw one of his patients on her table again.

Karen telling Ethan that it was cute when he was bossy. I agree, it was adorable.

Curtis telling “Mr. Cute and Bossy” that he was going to have to wait two months before calling Karen.

Kate bringing a picture of the little boy who was saved by her hard work. Yeah, that made me tear up a little.

What did you think of this episode of Body of Proof? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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