THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “Another Proposal” Season 3 Episode 18 – Adrian is obsessed with getting married to Ben, and spews her glee like toxic vomit. This is seriously putting a cramp in Ricky’s style, and he decides to take it upon himself to deliver some sound advice about marriage and waiting. Adrian’s wedding craze is affecting everyone around them. Instead of a huge wedding, Ben and Adrian’s parents decide to get them a condo.

I think Betty is supposed to be funny, and her comic timing is truly fantastic: [pause] “Really?” [pause as she glances at a script beside the camera] “That’s Jesus?” You can almost see her eyes scanning the page.

Oh my god, Grant is the worst teenage boy ever. Grace tells him the house is empty. He looks at her with pure confusion. Then he tells her that there is no way at all that they can possibly cannoodle (that’s my mature way of saying copulate). They make a huge deal about having sex and eventually Grace decides that she doesn’t want to have sex until she’s married…but Grant tells her he cares about her, and so she recants and decides that she wants to have sex but just not then. Of course. A storyline has to be yanked on this show like teeth. It’s awful.

“Grace told Jack and then Jack told Lauren and then Lauren told Madison and Madison told me.” That’s an actual line, and it’s said with all sincerity.

Then Amy’s father tries to flirt with Ricky’s mother and the double entendres are just hilarious. They’re really funny because she’s a lesbian, and Ricky keeps making sly remark to that respect, but Amy’s father totally doesn’t catch on, and he keeps trying his luck with Ricky’s mother, unaware that she’s a lesbian. I suppose there are ways to make this funny, but on this show that is seriously unlikely.

Ben tells Adrian that instead of a wedding that they’re going to have a condo. Adrian was far less annoying before Ben proposed to her. Now she’s just fickle.

I didn’t love this episode. Shockingly. But at least the ending moved the plot forward a bit by Amy taking the initiative to ask Ricky to marry her. Guess we’ll have to find out his answer next week!

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