THE EVENT “Cut Off the Head” Review

The Event

THE EVENT “Cut Off the Head” Season 1 Episode 17 – After another of the alien secret projects is almost found out, Sophia decides action must be taken to distract the government. Her plan? Kill the president. Meanwhile, Sean saves Leila from the fire in the French mansion. It’s revealed to be yet another test by Dempsey – who tells Sean he is the only person who can stop the aliens, and then shoots himself in the head. Senator Lewis compiles a file on the First Lady that shows inconsistencies in her personal history. Christina claims that she’s the child of two illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic – but is she lying?

This was my favourite episode to date. While I was very, very harsh on The Event for the first half of the season, it’s progressively strengthened in this back half. This week was the first episode where I managed to forget everything that came before and just immersed myself in the episode.

Smaller players really came into play this week. Christina Martinez and Vice President Jarvis have been around and doing things all season, but it was this episode that really pulled them to the fore and made them characters in their own right, rather than just plot devices. The continuing suspicion that Christina may actually be an alien raises the tension, while Jarvis trying to do the right thing and getting shut down because of his earlier transgressions was both frustrating and satisfying. Of course, it won’t end well, but to see Jarvis finally realise the impact of his earlier actions and lose his cocky facade was interesting.

Leila and Sean’s storylines intersected briefly today. After finding out Sophia’s plans from a (still alive!) Simon Lee, she manages to get hold of a cell phone to call 911 and then Sean. Alas, Sean’s in France, has no idea where Leila is and really needs to get on that whole Siberia thing. (Sorry Leila, I still don’t really like you.) Dempsey had gifted him with a bag containing UK passports (and the scrolls from last week, among other miscellany), so he and Vicky can get out of France – but where will they go? Here’s hoping Sean goes with Dempsey’s plan to save the world and not his own desire to try and find a kidnapped Leila. Again.

In summary: a very enjoyable episode.

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