MIKE & MOLLY “Samuel Gets Fired” Review

MIKE & MOLLY “Samuel Gets Fired” Episode 21 – This week on MIKE AND MOLLY a supporting character was given a much bigger part. Samuel, the sarcastic, dry, and sometimes rude (but in the funniest way possible) is let go from the diner thanks to Carl’s advice.

Samuel had been promised a raise for the last two years and hasn’t received it yet. Mike and Carl are at the diner with Samuel complains about his rent being raised and a possible eviction because he doesn’t make enough to pay for his place. Carl tells him to stick to his principles and not work for less than what he was promised, while Mike tires to stay out of it.

One thing leads to another, and Samuel ends up getting fired from his waiter position, and uses guilt on Mike so he can stay at Mike’s place until he can get back on his feet.

Samuel is always a source of good laughs for me during Mike and Molly, so I was excited to see him in more of the episode this week. It was funny, sure, but overall Molly actually MADE the episode for me. She wasn’t in it much; but the scenes that she was in were AWESOME.

Mike begins to think that Molly wants Samuel to stay at his place because she’s trying to “catch him”. He explains it like this: “Women naturally want to nest with an alpha male…” The look on Molly’s face is PRICELESS, and she just continues to let Mike dig his own grave with comments like “Well, I don’t know what I’m saying with all my girlie brains up there…”

Mike catches on eventually, but it is way too late – he’s already sleeping on the couch. The next morning, Molly greets him with another gem: “I slept great! But it’s easy when all you’re thinking about is lipstick and catching men!”

It was a perfect response and made me crack up on my couch.

All ends well, Samuel returns to his job at the diner and Mike and Molly make up. “Samuel Gets Fired” was another funny episode from Mike and Molly, and worth a look mainly for Melissa McCarthy.

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