GLEE “A Night of Neglect” Review

GLEE Night of Neglect Season 2 Episode 17
GLEE “A Night of Neglect” Season 2 Episode 17Glee made its big return from hiatus tonight with guest stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Charice, and Cheyenne Jackson. I can’t blame you if you had completely forgotten about those last two – after Sunshine Corazon and Vocal Adrenalin coach Dustin were introduced in the season premiere, they pretty much disappeared. So I guess it’s appropriate that they returned in “A Night of Neglect.”

Gwyneth’s guest stint as substitute teacher Holly Holiday had to come to an end eventually, but I’m still sad to see her go. She brought a fun energy to the show and I liked how Holly helped Will get his groove back after his relationship with Terri. With Holly leaving for Cleveland and Dr. Carl getting an annulment, it looks like everything is in place for Will and Emma to finally get together (yay!). But before I get ahead of myself, Sue did tell Terri that, “your time has come.” Uh oh, I think that could mean more trouble for Will.

There were a lot of performances in “A Night of Neglect,” including:
“All By Myself” by Eric Carmen sung by Sunshine Corazon
“I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li sung by Tina
Mike’s dance to “Bubble Toes” by Jack Johnson
“Turning Tables” by Adele sung by Holly Holiday
“Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin sung by Mercedes

Which was your favorite performance? Mercedes was great and I loved that Mike was included even though he doesn’t sing, but Sunshine’s performance was my favorite. I love that song and I forgot what a big voice Charice has packed into her petite body.

While I enjoyed the performances, I don’t think the episode was perfect. Mercedes’ diva act was just silly (though she had a good point about Rachel always getting the solos). Sue’s League of Doom—including Pink Dagger, the Honey Badger, and Sergeant Handsome—started out pretty funny and then fizzled. On the plus side, Brittany and Artie on the “Brainiacs” Academic Decathlon team was brilliant (they were all over “Cat Diseases,” “White Rappers,” and “Hermaphrodite Nazi Sympathizers”). And the preview for next week’s 90-minute “Born This Way” episode looked fantastic!

So what did you think of tonight’s episode of Glee, “A Night of Neglect?” Did you have a favorite performance? What do you think Sue and Terri are planning?

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