4 Ways in Which TV Has Changed My Life

4 Ways TV Changed My Life Mokibobolink

I know that most people will agree that watching too much TV is not good for you. When we think of someone watching “too much” TV we think of a person sitting on their couch like a vegetable, taking in all of these images of people doing things and going places, while they themselves do nothing and go nowhere.

But I’m also here to tell you that there are ways in which TV can actually have a positive influence on a person’s life. Don’t believe me? Well check out my list below.

It gave me a whole new group of friends

Firefly cast

I touched on this in my article about TV shows I would like to forget so I could watch them again but I’m going to mention it again here because this was really a turning point in my life.

When I found a little TV show called Firefly I was a lonely fangirl who had discovered the joy of chatting with other people online, but had yet to meet a single real person who shared her love of fandom. I had “regular” friends, but I could never talk to them about any of the stuff that actually interested me (like fanfiction, conventions, my favorite characters, etc). Anytime I tried, I got odd looks and snide comments.

Then I watched Firefly and of course fell in love. This was well after both the show and the movie and one day I happened to look up the term “Browncoat” (the name fans of the show call themselves). To my surprise I found out that there were “real” Browncoats that were active all over the country. Not only that but there was a fairly large group in my city AND they were throwing a screening party in a couple weeks..which so happened to be in a restaurant that was literally across the street from my apartment.

Fate? Um yeah!!

So I went. I was terrified to go all alone to meet people I didn’t know, but I swallowed it and walked in that door and boy am I glad I did. I am still close with four of the people I met that very night and through them, went on to meet many more people. That group became a live social network of people I could sit down in a room with and discuss things like the original Star Wars versus the re-makes, as well as ‘normal’ subjects like cooking and what color I was going to paint my new apartment.

To say that Firefly changed my life is almost too small of a statement. It completely upended it, but in a very good way.

It made me a writer

Daemons moki author page April 2011

A few years ago, being a professional writer was so far off my radar that it was a fantasy I wouldn’t even let myself ponder for more than a few seconds before shaking my head and laughing at myself. I mean I did it for fun, but I certainly didn’t think I was good enough to really do anything with it.

I had been writing fanfiction for a few years (for those who don’t know, fanfiction is a hobby where people write stories based on characters in movies, TV shows, etc.). I began writing stories for television shows like Firefly, Supernatural and NCIS and soon I had a following of fans. Because of their immense support of me and my stories, I started to think that maybe I could write. But I still wasn’t really thinking of really going out and doing it…I mean that was just crazy.

Then I (like many other people in this country) was laid off of a corporate job and suddenly had a chance to re-start my life. At that point I decided to go for it. I started a couple of blogs and through them I learned how to turn fun little hobby into a career.

Nowadays, when people ask me what I do for a living I can’t help but to smile when I get to say “I’m a freelance writer.”

It sent me to Europe

Buckingham Palace May 2008

Ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to go to England. As I grew up, that desire grew to include other European countries as well and it was thanks to a little show called Supernatural that I eventually got there.

A few years ago I was chatting with some friends on a Supernatural message board when the subject of a Supernatural convention in England came up. A bunch of us started talking about going and soon there was a group of people ready to go the following year. One of the members was a girl from Wales and though we’d only spoken via this online forum, we considered each other good friends and she decided she would meet all of us Americans there. Well, by the time the convention rolled around, everyone else had backed out but me. So I flew all by lonesome across the pond and when I got off the plan, the two of us fell into each other’s arms like old friends. After the convention was over, we enjoyed the additional week of sightseeing we had planned and I can truly say I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

It made me…well, Me

Before and After pics of me at Cons

Recently I pulled out a picture of myself from right around the time I first started hanging out with my Browncoat friends. I practically fell out of my chair because that person is so not me. Not only does she look different, her attitude is different. When I compare it to a picture taken at a convention just last year, the difference is startling.

Firefly gave me friends, Supernatural gave me a trip to Europe and it turns out that NCIS gave me something too. It gave me..well, me.

Up until then I had always been one to see myself as the kind of person who couldn’t do things. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted because that would be too weird. I couldn’t do my hair the way I wanted because people at work would look at me funny. I couldn’t tell my “regular” friends that I wrote fanfiction because they would make fun of me.

The list went on and on.

When I got into NCIS I found one of my favorite characters – Abby. Here was the type of woman I wanted to be. Someone who was herself and wasn’t afraid to admit it. I’m not exactly a Goth (even though I do like some elements of the style), but it was just the fact that she was who she was and didn’t let anyone stop her. In fact, it seemed like everyone liked her because of it.

So I decided to be more like her. Slowly but surely I started doing all those things that I had told myself I never could. I wore the clothes that I thought were cute, even if they didn’t match the style of all of my regular friends. I cut and colored my hair into a style I loved, ignoring the protests of both family and friends who wanted me to “keep it long!!!”

The funny thing was that after I did all that, suddenly people were telling me how much they liked my outfits and asked where I’d gotten some of the things I was wearing. And all those protests about my hair? Well they disappeared once they saw the results.


It’s so odd to say, but all of this is thanks to television. My life would literally not be the same right now without it and yet there’s no way that I will ever recommend that people just sit around and watch TV all day. That’s not how this all happened for me. All of these events came about because of watching various shows, but ultimately it was the fact that I went out and actually did things that my life changed.

So how about you, my fine readers? How has your life changed because of TV?

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