NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre Bringing The Right Stuff to PSYCH

PSYCH‘s new season may have been pushed back to this fall, but that doesn’t mean producers aren’t working hard to line up guest stars that bring back the 80s and 90s. TV Line reports that the youngest New Kid on the Block, Joey McIntyre, is set to appear in the USA comedy.

McIntyre will play a “buff new officer” in the Santa Barbara Police Department whom Shawn and Gus think might also be “The Mantis,” a vigilante in the process of bringing down a drug syndicate.

McIntyre has previously acted in the shows Boston Public and Less than Perfect. He was also a contestant in the first season of Dancing with the Stars.

Shawn vs. a vigilante? I’d put my money on Shawn. How about you? If Shawn ever decided to don a mask and tights, what would his superhero name be?

The sixth season of Psych will premiere on USA sometime this fall.