HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ho’opa’i” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ho'opa'i" Episode 21

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ho’opa’i” Episode 21 – Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) did a bang-up job in this episode, portraying the pain and intensity of a man who goes on the hunt of those who killed his wife and threatened his son. He’s an FBI agent who was deep undercover with a major crime boss from the mainland and of course we’re supposed to assume that Cannon is the one who set up the hit.

But in true Five-0 style, the case takes some twists and turns. I had my doubts from the beginning that it was Cannon, but the killer turning out to be his son was one I didn’t see coming. So they got me there, no doubt about it.

As always, I appreciated the male bonding/bickering that happened in the car between Danny and Steve. It was all great – everything from Steve asking Danny what he would do if he were in Reggie’s shoes, to Danny saying that he would never risk going to jail and leaving his daughter (awww!) and then asking if the book Steve would go my was “Patriot Act for Dummies.” In fact, the only bad thing about it was it didn’t last nearly long enough. Then again, I doubt the rest of the audience would appreciate the entire episode taking place in the car between those two as much as I would so I guess I’ll let that slide.

My favorite bits..

Steve going surfing with a cast. He must really love surfing cuz I know that I had a heck of a time keeping mine dry in a shower, no way was I going swimming with one.

Cracking up at the kinds of bets that Steve and Kona make. A visit to a water park versus breakfast?

Cursing the fact that every time I tried to pause my DVR so I could see what it said on Steve’s cast, a mini menu popped up on my screen and blocked it. Grrr.

The unbelievably sweet way that Steve talked to Kevin and then carried him out, telling him to keep his eyes shut. I have no idea why, but that made me cry.

Steve reassuring Reggie that he and his team were going to go through any walls that Jimmy Cannon tried to put up.

Danny calling Kono “Spiderwoman” and telling her that she had been hanging out with McGarrett too long. Ha.

Cannon’s bodyguard putting money in Steven’s pocket. Oh dude, that is such a bad idea.

Danny knowing that something terrible was going to happen as soon as Steve put both hands on the wheel, and then taking a second to put his seatbelt on before it happened.

Rich: “Don’t try to tell me who my father is. He’s MY father.” Danny: “That’s deep.”

Danny telling Jimmy that he couldn’t wait to wipe that stupid smile off his face.

Danny and Steve debating whether or not Jimmy had quoted Capone or Gotti.

Steve showing up with a bag of shoes from Jimmy and all of his people.

Kono telling Kevin that she was the kind of police they send in to catch people who hurt moms. Aw.

Steve: “Lady, I answer to God and the government, neither of whom are going to help you right now.”

I think I watch too many of these types of shows, because I’m totally suspecting the agent who survived the shootout.

The way Danny licked his lips while concentrating on searching for what Reggie found in the police computer.

Danny pointing out that they were going to have a hard time getting any info out of the dead guy.

Danny telling Reggie that he needed to think like a father and that he wouldn’t be able to raise his son from a prison cell.

Aha! I knew it! It was the agent who got shot.

Steve threatening the guy by telling him that he would just leave him alone with Reggie.

Danny warning Reggie that working with the team came with the added perks of getting shot at, and never being able to drive your own car. LOL.

Kevin asking if his mom could see the seashell cloud, too.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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