GOSSIP GIRL “The Kids Stay in the Picture” Review

GOSSIP GIRL “The Kids Stay in the Picture” Season 4 Episode 18 – I’m so excited that this show is back from break! Was anybody else going through withdrawals? Personally, I loved tonight’s episode and I had no problem falling back into the story. A lot happened tonight, so let’s talk about the characters:

Serena: Do you think Serena’s cousin, Charlie, is as good as she seems? Why did she leave college? I have a bad feeling about this. Also, why can’t Vanessa mind her own business? She looked so pathetic lurking around corners and calling Serena to gossip about Dan and Blair. Bleh!

Chuck: Chuck was also disappointing tonight. I agreed with Blair – after everything he’s been through you’d think he’d be over all the petty scheming. What do you think? Was he being immature or romantic? Either way, I still want to see him and Blair get back together – I love those two crazy kids.

Blair: Best quote of the night, “Your job isn’t to think, it’s to serve, so if I need your help, I’ll ring the bell”. This was followed up by the second best quote of the night from Derota, “Carmella on Sopranos didn’t get big break until her 40s”. As much as I want to see Blair and Chuck back together, I have to agree with Blair that Chuck doesn’t seem ready. Also, I felt like Blair was rather insensitive to Dan – what did you think? I can’t wait to see what happens next week when her French prince returns!

Lily: Now that Lily has owned up to her crime she is back in my good graces again. She’s facing up to 10 years in prison, do you think she’ll actually do time? If she gets convicted, I hope she jumps on her private jet and leaves the country. What do you think will happen?

Nate: Nate plus Raina equals boring. What this season needs is some scandalous Nate drama!

Dan: I felt terrible for Dan tonight. Blair disregards his feelings and stomps all over his heart and he gets invited to a photo shoot as part of a mean spirited scheme by Chuck. Ouch! I was actually hoping that Blair and him might hit it off but that now looks impossible. Maybe he will strike something up with Charlie?

Well we are in the final stretch of the season and I for one have loved this season of Gossip Girl. I hope you have as well. I can’t wait to see who will end up together, who will end up in jail, and who will end up cast out of society. Leave me a comment and make your predictions for what will happen before the end of this season in Gossip Girl!

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