6 TV Female Characters I Wish I Was Married To If I Was Into Women

As a personal preference, I don’t swing that way. But while most of my celebrity crushes are those of the male variety, that doesn’t mean I don’t watch my favorite shows without having attraction to some pretty awesome female characters.

Because let’s be honest – in a world where women are becoming stronger and more powerful, it’s considered pretty amazing to have so many of them to look up to.

Last week, I brought you my list of 6 tv male characters that I wished I was married to. This week, I present my list of 6 female tv characters that I wish I was married to. And yes, some were just so awesome that I couldn’t resist bending the rules of the usual criteria yet again to include them.


Scully represented a smart and strong woman – one who didn’t care that she worked in what was primarily considered a man’s world (especially in the early 90’s when the show premiered.) A forensic scientist and an FBI agent, she saved the world from aliens, stood up for what she believed in, and more often than not kicked some serious ass…all in 3 inch heels!

Scully was often seen as the logical skeptic to Mulder’s steadfast believer, but as time went on, she slowly began to prove that she was just as capable of handling exotic and frightening cases as her partner was. And while she wasn’t a blonde bombshell or a stick-thin model, she was someone I could (and did) relate to on many levels.

Plus, she made short red bobs really cool.


Just as I have a thing for bad boys, it seems that tough girls make up most of my list. Go figure.

When Juliet was introduced on LOST, she appealed to me in part because of her independence and level-headed nature. She wasn’t just another whiney female who spent her time vying for men’s attention – she was strong, sassy, and she had a certain air about her that was both dangerous and charming.

Juliet was an amazingly complex character, and for a large portion of the series, you couldn’t identify her as being good or evil, something which made her entirely attractive to me. She was proficient in self-defense and gunfire, she could take charge in a face-off, and she always stood up for her beliefs and feelings when it mattered. She was truly the girl who you looked at and found attractive in so many ways.


The abs, the belly shirts, the way she’d wield a staff – Gabrielle was truly a science fiction girl (and boy’s) dream and as a sci-fi geek, I’m proud to say she makes my list of women I would marry.

Part of Gabrielle’s appeal was that underneath the intense fighter, there was someone who was kind, gentle and who cared about her best friend. Gabrielle could always be counted on to provide light and humor, or to help someone see the good in an otherwise bad situation.

The beauty of Gabrielle is that she started out as Xena’s sidekick – the naïve village girl who couldn’t hold a sword to save her life, much less defend herself in battle. But part of the reason why I loved her was because you saw her grow into this amazing warrior who, in some cases, became even more appealing than Xena herself.


She’s conniving. She’s technically a murderer. And, oh yeah, she’s also a more-than-a-century-old vampire. So I guess I need to make a pretty convincing case on why I consider Katherine Pierce someone that I would willingly marry.

From the first flashback that Katherine appeared in, I was immediately hooked. I guess it (again) goes back to the bad boy attraction, but there was something just so deliciously…well…HOT about her being so evil. Picture a sauntering, leather-clad, high heeled, dark haired vixen (at least, in the present day) and tell me that doesn’t stir something inside you.

Katherine had the ultimate “take charge” personality, and never had trouble bossing anymore around, no matter how old they were, no matter if they were a vampire or a human. The appeal of Katherine was that she was so used to being in control and getting her way, and she would do whatever she had to in order to ensure things happened. And when they didn’t? Well, let’s just say…revenge never looked so good.


Who could forget our very first introduction to Addison? With her no-nonsense attitude and fiery red hair, she walked up to Meredith at the end of the first season, introduced herself, and proclaimed “you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband.” I don’t think there’s a more brilliant opening line for a character and I’ve loved her ever since.

I should take a moment here to clarify that while I love the Addison on many levels, my attraction for her is based more on her Grey’s Anatomy days than on her Private Practice days. That being said, when Addison arrived at Seattle Grace, she immediately reminded everyone that she was the boss – and I loved that. Meredith and her intern friends had nothing against this neonatal surgeon, who could banter with Bailey and Derek and still come out on top, or get into fights with the Chief and be respected enough to get her way.

She essentially commanded attention wherever she went, no matter who she spoke to, and never stepped down from anything unless she was visibly forced to. And despite life-altering instances like a nasty divorce and an inability to have children, she never let it get in the way of her awesomeness.


Yes, Elizabeth Mitchell is so awesome in my book that I had to include two of her characters in this list. I promise, however, that I did not do that intentionally.

I seem to have a thing for female FBI agents, and Erica fits right into that category. A single mother (who also happens to be a fighter for the entire human race against an undeniable alien invasion), Erica is pretty hardcore and intense, especially when she goes after what she wants. She’s passionate about what she cares about – her family and the people she loves in her life – and would go to the ends of the earth to protect them.

And fitting in with a ton of guys? Not a problem. She takes charge in a way that makes people stop and watch, throws down punches, and shoots people with no remorse…I mean, hell, the woman leads an entire human resistance!


Finding the line between who I would actually want to marry versus who I just adored and lusted after was a little hard (hence why my list was long, and why some characters – aka, Olivia Dunham – didn’t make the cut.) But I’ll save my ramblings for another time, as I already have gone on too long.

What are some of your tv “girl crushes” and who would you like to marry? Don’t be shy…we all have our favorites, and I want to hear yours below!

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