UNDERCOVER BOSS “BrightStar Care” Review

UNDERCOVER BOSS "BrightStar" Season 2 Episode 21

Undercover Boss “BrightStar Care”, Season 2 Episode 21 – Undercover Boss returned this week with a somewhat different episode with “BrightStar Care”. Shelly Sun, the CEO of BrightStar, had a very interesting dynamic in this episode by bringing her husband J.D. along with her to help with the whole “Undercover” thing.

This was interesting since we really hadn’t seen a husband/wife combination on this show since “United Van Lines”, and in that episode the wife really just did one job as a favor. I personally like this system as I think it’s more believable than having the whole “Two people are trying out for the same job” spiel. It’s unfortunate that J.D. had to go home as I was enjoying the double-boss scenario. Hopefully we can get more episodes like this in the future that focus on multiple bosses.

For any of you who might read my other reviews for the CSIs or Survivor, you’ll know how much I hate the ads for the episodes that CBS runs. The ads for this episode is a great reason for why I HATE those stupid promos! I happened to see one ad for this episode before it aired, and I saw that Arlene, the CNA who worked at the nursing home, was quoted as saying that they “aren’t good workers”. I was interested to see this part of the episode, as I’m always a big fan of workers that present inadequacies and get in trouble with their CEOs. We’ve only seen this happen a couple of times on the show, one of the most recent ones being Andrew who worked for “United Van Lines”. However, Arlene was completely mis-quoted for the promos of this episode! What she really said was that they are viewed as not being good workers, not that she is admitting to being a bad worker. So not only do these stupid promos or ads spoil the show for you, but they are apparently inaccurate and don’t advertise the show properly. Total BS, man.

Although I really can’t fault this episode for how it was advertised, so I do want to say how much I enjoyed it. I really thought that Shelly and J.D. were really hard workers and nice people, so it was a fun change to watch both of them working undercover. Hopefully this can happen more in next season, as it looks like the season finale in two weeks will be just another solo-boss episode. I’ll see you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– The Bingo scene was hilarious. I’ve played Bingo with my mother-in-law before at a hardcore Bingo place. The people at these Bingo games get pissed if the game is called wrong. I’ve seen people yell and tear up their Bingo cards in frustration, or swear at the callers ineptitude. It was hilarious how spot-on that scene was.

– What was up with Shelly’s neck? I understand that she might have some kind of skin disorder or something, but it kept freaking changing scene to scene. One second it would be all on the left side of her neck, and then the next it would be on the other. It was like Prince John’s mole from “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”.

– I really think that James could have been a bit more lenient with Shelly. He said that he wasn’t that good at her job, when it looked like she was doing a great job while looking after four unruly kids! Give her a break!