THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Back to Cool” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW Coolympics Season 2 Episode 20

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Back to Cool” Season 2, Episode 20 – I don’t know if I would have ever considered Cleveland to be cool in the first place, but in tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show, he competes against Donna’s ex-husband in a “Coolympics” to prove Cleveland Jr. that he’s still a cool dad.

When Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, comes to collect his alimony check, Cleveland dumps the kids on him for the day so they can enjoy some free time researching Consumer Reports reviews and making popsicle stick houses. During their time together, Robert wins over Cleveland Jr. and Rallo with an exciting day out and although he’s still hanging out with some shady people, it starts to seem like Robert has become a relatively decent guy. Robert takes an interest in Cleveland Jr. and treats him with a kind of respect that he doesn’t normally get from his family.

Compared to Robert, Cleveland seems to be getting more and more awkward. His coming of age sex talk with Cleveland Jr. on the beach was totally absurd and while I felt bad for Cleveland after he saw Cleveland Jr. calling Robert his dad, I could totally see it coming.

The entire Coolympics challenge was funny. Snoop Dogg and Tony Hawk voiced themselves as Coolympics judges, and Billy Dee Williams voiced the final judge, Lando Calrissian. When Cleveland said that he didn’t know who the guest judges were, I cracked up as Gus announced that Cleveland had lost the first round of “Recognizing Cool People.” Robert immediately won the next round of “Getting a Cute Bartender’s Attention” followed by the “Looking Cool in Jeans” competition. Despite Rallo’s best efforts, Cleveland sabotaged the jeans round by wearing cutoffs and causing Snoop Dogg to be so disgusted that he hopped onto his weed-powered flying giraffe and escaped the Coolympics. The only event Cleveland could win was, “Who Can Get Michael Buble on the Phone” which turned out to be a trick event that he lost by winning.

After Robert had won the Coolympics in a landslide, there was kind of a sweet moment when Rallo confronted his dad about feeling ditched. Robert explained to Rallo that he was born cool and didn’t need the help that Cleveland Jr. did which made Rallo feel better and made me like Robert a little bit more. Cleveland Jr. also had a sweet moment when he told Cleveland that being nice is more important to him than being cool which made their relationship go back to normal. Of course, all this sweetness didn’t last long thanks to Donna hopping on Lando’s speeder bike and running off with him.

I liked how both relationships between fathers and their sons were explored here and I like that Robert’s character seems to have developed a bit which makes things more interesting. After tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show, it was easier to understand how Donna could have two children with a person like Robert. He’s not the best father, but he certainly doesn’t seem as scummy as I had originally thought he was. Cleveland is still the same old Cleveland and the entire Coolympics served to prove what we already knew about him. Yes, Cleveland is totally uncool, but that’s what makes him so funny.