AMERICAN DAD “Jenny Fromdabloc” Review

AMERICAN DAD Jenny Fromdabloc Season 6 Episode 16 (4)

AMERICAN DAD “Jenny Fromdabloc” Season 6, Episode 16 – In tonight’s episode of American Dad, we have Roger taking one of his characters a little too far when he gets into a relationship with Snot. What can only be bad for Snot, is great for the viewer because Roger’s character, Jenny Fromdabloc, brings out some really hilarious awkward situations.

Snot decides to finally proclaim his love to Hayley in an extravagant show of affection that she swiftly crushes. To help Snot get over his broken heart, Steve asks Roger to come up with a character to distract Snot and boost his self confidence. Roger creates Jenny Fromdabloc and introduces himself as Steve’s cousin. It all seems to be going well until Snot returns to the group and explains that he and Jenny had sex.

The look on Steve’s face when he heard the news probably matched my face and I immediately started thinking of all the ways it might be possible that Snot thought he had sex with “Jenny”, without actually having sex with Roger. When Steve confronts him, Roger confirms everything that Snot had said and at that point, all I could think was, “oh no, poor Snot.” I laughed when Steve said “I should have known you’d take it too far” only to have Roger respond “Yah. You should have, you’ve known me for years, Steve!” Roger’s right, there’s nothing good that could have come from getting him involved in a scheme like this.

Snot’s non-virgin status catapults him to the top of the nerd hierarchy which also means that his hair is suddenly combed nicely, his skin is smooth and his voice is calm and soothing as he talks about his new understanding of sexuality. The stuff he talks about is ridiculous, but Barry and Toshi are mesmerized by Snot and they made me laugh when they shot down Steve as he was trying to take control of the conversation.

Sometimes Steve can be really selfish, but this whole mess started with the best of intentions. Steve motives for revealing Roger’s stress ball trick were somewhat self serving, but he let Snot hold on to the memory of having had a relationship with a girl. If Steve was really being completely selfish and manipulative, he might have also revealed that Snot was not only still a virgin, but that he had been getting intimate with a male alien the entire time. That would probably have done significantly more damage to Snot’s ego but in the end, Steve just wanted Snot to be his old self again and for their friendship to be the same as it always was.

Jenny’s character is laid to rest after she reconciles with Snot and is hit by a bus. Roger reveals that he has the ability to move “really fast” and explains how he set up the Jenny accident scene in super speed. This was probably one of my favorite scenes from the episode with Roger casually moving around setting up the scene and texting as everything else moves slowly in comparison.

Meanwhile, Stan and Francine have a little sub-plot where Stan wants his life to resemble a classic American sitcom. After watching Bewitched, he asks Francine to meet him at the door every night with a drink. She hesitates since she knows he doesn’t handle his liquor very well, but after he insists, she complies. It goes exactly as Francine had predicted and she ends up chasing him around the neighborhood and picking up after him when he’s passed out. I loved Francine chasing down Stan in the car and the parody of the opening credits of Bewitched was a crack up.

I wasn’t expecting things to develop the way they did with the Snot and Jenny/Roger story. It was nice to have an episode with a plot that was both funny and unpredictable so overall, this was another good episode of American Dad.