CHAOS “Love and Rockets” Review


CHAOS “Love and Rockets” Season 1 Episode 3 – Remember that guy who hangs around in the lobby and halls, accosting Rick to tell him about how he has no job but is still officially employed by the CIA? That’s Blanke, and he gets a leading role this week, accompanying the ODS on a mission to an ex-soviet state. A mission he put together.

Obviously things weren’t going to go to plan. The original aim of detaining a warlord ended up being altered to include ‘obtain and remove dirty bombs’ and ‘get said warlord’s daughters new identities in a safe country’. But this is the ODS – they thrive on challenges. All three objectives are carried out, everyone gets home safe, and Billy even gets a date out of it. Sweet.

This was a great episode. The involvement of Blanke in the mission was a surprising change of pace (it’s only episode 3 and it already feels odd to have someone replaced), but if anything Casey’s minimal screentime only served to make his character even funnier. (I would like to have seen the aftermath of the initial experiment, though. What did he do to the rat?)

And the ending was sweet, wasn’t it? Blanke getting an office and an ‘official’ position with the ODS (not to mention Casey gifting him his bottle of cognac) was a nice touch, even if none of the guys have any intention of contacting him. Is this a way of getting rid of the character? Or will he be back next week roaming the halls?

I suspect he will be. This entire episode felt like it should have been later in the season. Chaos‘s ratings haven’t been great – was this a case of reshuffling episodes to try and lure viewers in with one of the best? It was definitely a worthy watch, if somewhat confusing.

In episode 1, Rick was starting a relationship with Fay. In this third episode, Rick is already dating Adele and seems to be considering it serious enough to warrant doing the official paperwork departmental romances would require. Fay even asks about the relationship and shows no sign of upset or annoyance or even of having dated Rick herself. If this isn’t caused by an episode reshuffle, it only leaves me more confused!

Nevertheless, a great plot and a fun, light watch. Roll on next week!

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