CAMELOT “Lady of the Lake” Review

CAMELOT Lady of the Lake Episode 4

CAMELOT “Lady of the Lake” Episode 4 – After Guineviere’s marriage to Leontes Arthur isn’t in the best of moods. During training with Gawain his sword ends up being destroyed and Merlin sets out to find him a sword fit for a king. So begins episode four of CAMELOT.

In “Lady of the Lake” Exalibur finally arrives in Camelot, but not without a price. Merlin seeks out Caliburn to create a sword fit for the king. After some persuasion Caliburn agrees. Long story short, in a vision, Merlin sees Caliburn killing Arthur with said sword and will not allow the swordsmith to deliver his sword himself.

Caliburn doesn’t take kindly to this, and refuses to give Merlin the sword… and so begins a fight. Over a sword. When Caliburn spits out that he would kill Merlin’s family if any were left, Merlin gets TICKED and using his sorcerer’s powers, has a fire flare up and engulf Caliburn.

The sword maker’s daughter arrives moments later to find the charred body of her father next to the sword he created. Merlin assures her that his death was an accident, but the girl snatches up the sword telling him that he will never get it – and takes it to a nearby lake.

She paddles out to the middle with Merlin close behind, and is about to dump the sword into the lake when Merlin (using his powers again) freezes the lake and begins to walk towards her on the ice. Unfortunatly the girl slips into the lake and is trapped under the ice – but not before she thrusts the sword through the ice to the surface.

Merlin, in his defense, does try to get her out of the lake, but can’t, and instead takes the sword back to Arthur and tells the story of a Lady of the Lake, and tells Arthur the name of his sword is “Exalibur”, thus naming the famous blade after Caluburn’s daughter and beginning the legend of The Lady of the Lake.

Meanwhile, Morgan isn’t doing so well back at her castle. Her dark magic is catching up with her and she doesn’t look great. She is unable to make it to Camelot to meet Guenivere because she is so ill. When she returns from the failed trip back to her castle, a nun from the nunnery where Morgan was raised is waiting for her.

The nun only asks “What have you done?” and Morgan has her thrown out… only to discover that she in fact needs her at her side to guide her through her next lesson – which will be to die.

Yep, Moran dies but never fear! She is reborn! And can now transform into Queen Igraine (I think? I wasn’t overly clear on what the deal was with that scene. Morgan can now become Igraine instead of a younger version of herself, correct?), but not only transform – she can feel what the Queen is feeling.

Which will come in handy since the Queen knows of Arthur’s love for Guenivere… which brings me to the NEXT (and last) thing that happened in Camelot this week – Arthur decides to train all of his guards and ends up almost killing Leontes. For a good minute during the “training” session I really expected Arthur to kill his champion; but he doesn’t… instead he walks away and goes stomping to his rooms.

He meets Guenivere on his way and she tells him that the each have a duty and whatever happened before her marriage means nothing. Arthur accepts this (year right) and basically surrenders to Leontes.

PHEW! Did you catch all of that? A lot was packed into this episode, but I didn’t find it overly entertaining. I think these first few epsidoes of Camelot are going to obviously be about setting up the story, establishing characters, etc. but I felt like “Lady of the Lake” fell a little flat.

Except when Merlin and Excalibur were on screen. That story line was the one that I was most interseted in and really throught that the way the writers created that story was very, VERY clever.

What did you think? How are you enjoying Camelot thus far? Are there any particular story lines from the legend that you’re especially excited for? Let me know in the comments below!

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