SANCTUARY “Pax Romana” Advance Review

Finally! After what seemed like the longest midseason break ever, Season 3 of SANCTUARY is back. When last we left Magnus and crew they were executed for trespassing into The City where they went after deciphering Magnus’ father’s secret message. The final scene of that episode left us all with so many questions. Was the crew really dead? How will they be reincarnated or “reborn”? After all, the show cannot kill off every major character. So how would this “death” affect the characters? Also, what is up with Adam Worth turning on John and having god like status in the underworld?

I had the opportunity to watch tonight’s midseason premiere of Sanctuary and I enjoyed it as much as I did the finale even if there were not as many climatic moments. Some of the questions I posed above, and some that we discussed in my review of the midseason finale, were answered. Others were not, however, I believe they will be revisited in the future. I did have to pause and think about how many characters on this show have died only to live again. As one character sardonically said it’s just not as cool to say anymore if everyone has done it.

Without spoiling the episode for you, I will say that you will learn a lot about the correlation between the hidden city, the superabnormals, the surface, Kali and even Magnus’ father. Some of it was a bit too scientific for me, but I am bad about tuning those things out. Yes, the girl who is watching a Syfy show is not all about the sci fi itself. Yet, I still love this show. I am continously amazed by Magnus. Not only is she wicked smart, and super hot, but she is fearless. I know last season we explored things that she is actually afraid of, but it is hard to remember them when she so quickly does what needs to be done without a second thought. Kate, on the other hand, shows a lot more fear in this episode. It did not endear her to me at all.

There was also more information about Adam Worth, his involvement in the hidden city and what exactly his purpose was in returning. It is not exactly what you think, but right in line with what we know about him. Some people never change I guess. I can only hope a promise such as “I am going to use you to redfine suffering” is kept.

Is that enough to get you interested in tonight’s episode of Sanctauary? What about more monsters, another traitor, a happy reunion, a heartstopping stunt to save someone or something, and still the time to throw out witty and sarcastic jabs? That’s the Sanctuary we know and love and it is back. Tune in tonight at 10PM ET on Syfy and then come back there to let me know what you thought of this latest episode in the comment section below. All theories, throughts and plot guesses are always welcome!

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