PARKS AND RECREATION "Fancy Party" Season 3 Episode 9

PARKS AND RECREATION “Fancy Party” Season 3 Episode 9 – Oh, PARKS AND RECREATION, I love you so. I love you so much that I dare say you are my favorite comedy on TV currently. In “Fancy Party” (first of all, I LOVE that the name of the episode is “Fancy Party”. Not “Dinner Party”, nope. “Fancy Party”.), April and Andy invite everyone to their place for a dinner party.

Inside the invites, everyone is requested to bring something since “they don’t have a lot of stuff” and some of the requests were the funniest parts of the episode. Silverware, a 3-D TV, Avatar, and 50 pairs of 3-D glasses, cooked steaks, etc. It was awesome.

Leslie tells everyone that they have to go and when they arrive Andy and April have a surprise for them – the dinner party is actually their wedding! Yep, Andy and April decided to tie the knot a week earlier and invited everyone over so they could be part of their wedding. Leslie freaks out, tells April that she can’t marry Andy – they haven’t put thought into it, they’re too young, etc. Ron eventually calms her down by comparing their marriage to his failed 2 (which Leslie reminds him was actually 3), and she calms down enough to enjoy herself.

Ben has to make a choice to either continue travelling through Indiana or to stay in Pawnee and work for Chris; and he turns to Leslie for advice on his decision. He does end up staying, and dear GOD would these two just get together already?

Ann and Donna are off trying to find men of their own, and when Ann would bail to go feel sorry for herself because Andy is getting married, Donna pulls through as a true friend and makes her stay to find a man of her own. It’s actually successful as Ann receives a text message from one of the guys she met the very next day.

Parks and Recreation is consistently funny. The writers are awesome, and take these characters that would normally be just wack jobs and make them absolutely some of the best characters on television. I don’t think there has been an episode of Parks and Recreation when I haven’t laughed until I’ve cried at least once.

“Fancy Party” was no exception. My favorite bits were:

  • Tom attempting to do the Best Man duties, but CONSTANTLY getting shut down.
  • Andy and April’s vows. While not conventional, they were so sweet and so adorable… and just perfect for Andy and April.
  • Ben’s line: “No, I don’t know HOW I’m going to die! … Wait, are you asking me or telling me?”
  • April crying at her sister’s HORRIBLE speech.
  • While the show doesn’t do anything new and exciting that we haven’t seen before, it is exactly what it is meant to be – hysterically funny.

    What did you think of Parks and Recreation?

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