GENERATOR REX “Moonlighting” Review


GENERATOR REX “Moonlighting” Episode 31 – This was a pretty silly episode of Generator Rex and while it really did nothing to further any sort of season-long story arc, it was a simple and enjoyable episode.

Rombauer and Lansky’s little EVO fighting business sets up an opportunity to see all the ways the EVO problem has become a regular annoyance to the average person in Generator Rex. I loved their stupid and awkward commercial shoots and the opening contrast between Rex’s regular style of “EVO abatement” versus their daily methods was pretty funny. That old lady must release some kind of EVO transforming pheromone because every time we’ve seen her in earlier episodes and in this episode, she leaves a trail of unexpected EVO destruction in her wake. Maybe Providence should investigate her, or use her as a lure to locate hidden EVOs because they seem to be drawn to her.

Anyway, once Rex joins in on the moonlighting business, Rombauer and Lansky’s EVO abatement business takes off and they become local celebrities making appearances on TV and being treated like heroes. Rex naturally gravitates towards center stage and Rombaur and Lansky begin to regret their invitation to have Rex join their team.

The main antagonist EVO in this episode of Generator Rex was really gross, but I liked the way it was designed. It was a semi upright frog-like creature that spewed toxic acidic goop from open bumps on his back and it possessed a level of intelligence that made it as creepy as it was disgusting. When Rombauer and Lansky pinned down the creature, I didn’t understand how they managed to stop the acidic goop from being spewed out of it’s back bumps while they were sitting on it, but they were able to tackle it somehow and bring it in to Providence.

Overall, the action wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the highlight of the episode by any means. Instead, the comedy was really played up and there were a bunch of little lines and details that made me laugh out loud. For starters, I don’t think I can ever get enough of Rex watching his melodramatic Telenovas at Providence. It seriously makes me laugh every time they show some ridiculous scene that he’s watching (which usually includes some kind of slap) and then have Rex be unwilling to move because he’s so into the show he’s watching. I love it. I also liked Rombaur and Lanksy describing the EVO complaints they had to respond to including a grumpy neighbor complaining about giant EVO sized droppings on their lawn and a nasty EVO parrot telling yo-momma jokes in the park. The running gags about not being able to work in Canarsie and their “bag of tricks” never being available also made me chuckle.

To be fair, I can see how a person might think that the comedy in Generator Rex is on the cheesy side for an action show and how someone who is a fan of Generator Rex primarily because of the action and dramatic plot might be bored during this episode. I happen to really like the lighthearted sense of humor that Generator Rex has as a series, so even if the episode had no effect on the grand scheme, I still really enjoyed watching. The last couple episodes have been fun stand alone adventures, but I think Generator Rex works best when they’re able to use their unique sense of humor and combine it with relevant plot and character development, so I hope they get back into the main action story line soon and bring the comedy along with it.