EAGLEHEART “Danger: Mountain Lions” Review

Eagleheart "Death Punch"

EAGLEHEART “Danger: Mountain Lions” Episode 11 – In my opinion, tonight’s episode of Eagleheart was the oddball of the season, which is strange too say when every episode is pretty odd anyway. Instead of the ridiculous action packed, crime-spoof episodes that have come before it, this episode reminded me a bit more of a C-Movie Sci-Fi flick on drugs.

The episode starts off with a standard Eagleheart feel as two men meet in mountain lion country for an anonymous sexual rendezvous. They’re interrupted by Chris who jumps out in a hilarious full body mountain lion character suit and lectures them on the dangers of anonymous sex in lion country.

The scene gets better when Brett tackles Chris wearing an identical lion costume to teach the men about the dangers of listening to informative lectures in lion country. Brett tells the two men to get along in their floating cloud which perplexes the men and Chris. Brett explains that gay people ride in floating clouds and then proceeds to list off a number of his other ludicrous stereotypes including shape-shifting black people and Jewish rock-creatures. Brett is an idiot and his made up stereotypes are funny because as far as I’m aware, no real-world stereotypes exist that include flying clouds, shape-shifters or rock-creatures.

After this initial mountain country scene, the entire episode seems to attempt to squeeze in as many off color jabs at Chinese people as possible in the remaining 8 minutes. Initially, gags like the Chinese restaurant cooking mountain lion meat, and Monsanto squawking gibberish, insisting that the “Chinese language is just a series of made up nonsense sounds,” are funny because they’re contradicted by the well spoken staff at the Chinese restaurant who are able to soundly rebuke him. When they lose the comedic straight character (who in most situations is usually Susie), and Chris alone ventures into a bizarre underground alternate civilization, these gags seem less funny and more offensive. The plot suggests that all Chinese people are actually a civilization of humans (who all appear Caucasian) who live underground to protect a life giving ruby. In particular, the gag about this civilization having “everything one might need to become Chinese” including an L to R conversion kit, straw hats, and cartoon buck teeth, fell flat for me and it seemed rude without being very creative or funny.

Chris’s obnoxious Chinese language scene earlier pays off here near the end when we see that he’s fluent in Mountain Lion. Somehow he can’t learn Chinese enough to distinguish between sounds, but he’s managed to speak to mountain lions because of his old pet, Paprika. The mountain lions are released and in a flurry of Brett’s stereotypes becoming a reality, the episode comes to an end and I’m left wondering this might have all been one of Brett’s very vivid hallucinations.

This was probably my least favorite episode of Eagleheart this season. The jokes didn’t quite click for me and it was severely lacking in absurd blood splattering fight scenes. That said, I recently heard a rumor that Eagleheart was renewed for a second season, so I’ll be thrilled if that rumor is true. I really like the format and tone of the show and every episode before this has had me laughing out loud. Every fan has an episode they’re not too hot for and this is that episode for me, but I’m still looking forward to next week’s Eagleheart insanity and seeing what happens next.