An Idiot Abroad

Poor Karl Pilkington is being forced to travel some more, which may be bad news for him, but it’s very good news for the rest of us. SCIENCE has announced that it is the U. S. production partner for AN IDIOT ABROAD 2: THE BUCKET LIST, featuring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.

Given that An Idiot Abroad is Science’s highest rated series to date, it isn’t surprising that the network wants another season. What is surprising is that Pilkington agreed to do it. Gervais said,

“We’re thrilled to return to SCIENCE for another grand experiment. It was hard work getting Karl to agree to another torture session, I mean series. It was time to give him a piece of the pie. It will most probably end up in his face. Most people think that the name of our production company, RiSK, is a combination of our initials. It’s also because there is a small chance that Karl could die.”

Debbie Adler Myers, Executive Vice President and General Manager of SCIENCE, said,

An Idiot Abroad was an absolute game-changer for SCIENCE. It brought humor to our network, and our audience responded in a huge way. This new season will be even bigger-Karl’s bucket list will be full of some of the most hilarious and ridiculous situations ever captured on television. Ricky, Steve, Karl and their team at RiSK Productions are putting their demented minds to good use.”

If you haven’t seen An Idiot Abroad yet, you’re missing out. Pilkington hates travelling, hates activities, isn’t impressed by much, and is absolutely hilarious in his misery. This is not your mother’s travel show, that’s for sure, and I can’t wait for the second season.

An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List will premiere on SCIENCE in early 2012.