5 Questions FRINGE Will Answer By the Season Finale (We Hope!)

5 Questions FRINGE Will Answer

This Friday we see the first of the last four episodes of FRINGE for this season. So far this year we’ve played in two different universes (including some insane baby drama), gone on a shape shifter killing spree, put together a crazy looking doomsday device, and implanted the consciousness of William Bell into Oilivia. And there are still four episodes left! Before we strap in to the frantic sprint to the season finale, let’s look at some of the big questions still left to be answered….


Since Bell’s sacrifice to help the Fringe team get back to their original universe in last season’s finale, we’ve seen how his death has affected Walter in his drive to prevent the alter-verse from destroying his universe. What we weren’t ready was for Bell using “soul magnets” to allow his consciousness to inhabit Olivia’s body. The result has been fun to watch as Walter is acting like a giddy school kid who’s back with his best friend, while Anna Torv does a great job channeling her inner Nimoy.

Yet Bell can’t stay in Olivia forever, especially since his continued presence will lead to her death. Starting with this week’s episode, “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”, the Fringe team starts to work on how to extract Bell from Olivia, though it’s not clear where he’ll end up. Uploading it to a computer of some kind sounds plausible, but it also sounds like a plot ripoff from one of the Stargate shows. How about using Gene the cow? Unlikely, though having a new nickname of CowBell would be hilarious for a while. Possibly implant the consciousness in another person? The most likely option, though I’m not sure who they would pick or how the transfer would happen.


6:02 AM EST

For the last few weeks Fox has been showing Fringe promos surrounding an event that happens at 6:02 AM EST. It seems clear that this is when an event affects one of the universes and is somehow a catalyst that drives the rest of the season. So what will happen? Is it another crossing over event from the alter-verse like the one the Fringe team barely avoided in “6B”? Is it when a character dies? Is it when the Doomsday device is activated? Is that when Walter wakes up to make breakfast? The options are all terribly exciting and frightening at the same time, and I can’t wait to see what happens when “6:02 AM EST” airs on April 22.


FRINGE "The Abducted"

When Bolivia’s baby was born in “Bloodline”, it seemed that Walternate was happier than everyone else. Was he happy to see his grandchild since he likely won’t see his son again? Or was he eyeing a potential test pilot for the alter-verse’s doomsday device? Could he be thinking to clone the child to have another “Peter” of his own? I think that he’s definitely going to do some experimentation on the child based on his interest in getting a blood sample of the baby while at the hospital. This makes Walternate even creepier than before in my book.


Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop has had quite a run recently. First, he falls in love with Olivia and then finds out it was Bolivia. He follows this up with a shape shifter killing spree that alienates him from Walter and Olivia. Then comes the weird incident where he activated the Doomsday Device by just being in the same room. At last something good happens and he and Olivia start to date (before she “hosts” William Bell). Oh and lest we forget that Bolivia has his child in the alter-verse. What’s next for Peter? He may have to decide whether or not to activate the Doomsday Device again, though he may not have much of a choice. Some believe the device is the only defense for our universe from the alter-verse and the mysterious Observers seem to be driving events in that direction.


The Two Universes

In “Concentrate and Ask Again”, Sam Weiss, bowling alley proprietor/ potential all knowing powerful ancient being, told Nina Sharp that Peter was the key to the survival of the universe. We just don’t know which universe it is, since it’s going to depend on which one Peter has the biggest connection to when (and if) he activates the doomsday device. You know he doesn’t want to wipe out this universe with Walter and his now-girlfriend Olivia. On the other hand, can he really destroy a universe that has his child and his birth parents? The other big question is whether he will even step into the doomsday device, if he knows what the potential outcomes will be? My heart is telling me that he picks our universe, but you never know with shows produced by JJ Abrams. All will hopefully be answered in the ominously titled season finale “The Day We Died” on May 6.


What do you think will happen these last four episodes? Are there any questions you want answered? Let me know in the comments. Make sure you tune into the last four episodes of Fringe, starting this Friday at 9 PM and then each following Friday until the season finale on May 6.

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